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Who doesn’t love the sound of dishes sparkling clean without the hassle? Welcome to the world of the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03! This chic countertop dishwasher is not just easy on the eyes but boasts a touchscreen panel that effortlessly guides you through its functions. With the capacity to accommodate plates up to 12 inches (tilted) or a neat 10.25 inches upright, this wonder machine offers a variety of four wash cycles tailored to your dishes. Whether you’re in need of a speedy cleanse or a gentle touch for your precious glassware, it’s got you covered! And here’s a fun twist: it’s got an exclusive cycle just for fruits.

If you’ve ever dreamt of a kitchen helper that brings efficiency wrapped in style, you’re in the right place. Dive into our AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher Review to discover why this might just be the missing piece in your modern kitchen. Stick around; there’s so much more to explore!

Early Verdict

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Performance Indicators:

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• Space-Saving Compact Design
• Transparent Viewing Window with LED Lighting
• Versatile Wash Cycles (4 Washing Dishes, 1 for Fruits)
• Friendly User Interface


• Not Energy Star Rated
• No Wi-Fi or Smart Home Connectivity
• No Leak or Overflow Protection
• No Delay Start Timer

Performance Evaluation

Our pals over at WashDryDazzle rolled up their sleeves and dove deep to evaluate the performance of the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 for us. They’ve done all the hard work so we can make the best choices without breaking a sweat. Thanks to them, we’re here with some cool insights! Ready to get the lowdown on how this dishwasher shines? Let’s dive in!

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Price and Design (4.7/5) 

If you’re looking for a blend of affordability and modernity, then you’ve found it. The AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 comes in at a comfy $286. Its sleek design, available in both white and black, paired with a transparent dual-layer glass door, gives you that stylish yet functional vibe. The LED touchscreen is the cherry on top, making it not just a machine but a statement piece for your countertop. Don’t even get me started on how the tilted display ensures no more awkward bending to select your desired program!

Cleaning Performance (4.7/5) 

Have you ever imagined watching the food stains magically disappear from your dishes? With its built-in LED light, the transparent glass door lets you do just that. Boasting four wash cycles – Normal, Speed, Glass, and Baby Care – this machine guarantees deep cleaning with 14 water ports on both upper and lower rotating spray arms. Plus, if you’ve got fruit to clean, there’s a special cycle for that too! The steam cleaning, especially at 167℉, promises sparkly glasses and super clean baby bottles.

Drying Performance (4.8/5) 

Say goodbye to toweling off every dish! The AIRMSEN dishwasher uses PTC Hot Air Drying, ensuring every dish comes out bone dry. Moreover, there’s an extra drying function offering 60 minutes of hot air magic and 72 hours of automatic ventilation. So, no more worries about damp smells or stale air.

Noise Level (4.4/5) 

Hate the typical dishwasher hum? This one operates at a quiet 50 dB. It’s perfect for those late-night washes or if you have a baby napping nearby. Its noise level is almost similar to most of its competitors, such as COMFEE ‎CDC22P2AWW, which operates at 49 dB.

Energy Efficiency (4.5/5) 

Despite its powerful performance, this dishwasher only consumes between 0.135-0.439 kWh per cycle. No more guilt trips about saving the environment or your bills!

Water Usage (4.6/5) 

Reducing water consumption by 80% compared to manual dishwashing, this beauty uses just 5 liters of water per cycle. Plus, the built-in 5L water tank is a lifesaver for those who dread hose hookups.

Cycle Time (4.5/5) 

From a swift 29-minute Speed Cycle to a meticulous 89-minute Baby Care Cycle, you have a range to choose from. Whether in a hurry or wanting a deep clean, you’re covered.

Loading Capacity (4.3/5) 

Perfect for small families or solo dwellers, this dishwasher can handle four standard place settings. And those larger plates? They’ll fit too, up to 12 inches when angled.

Safety Features (4.2/5) 

While specific features like child lock or overflow protection aren’t provided, rest assured that the quality control from Airmsen ensures your dishwasher operates without hitches.

Reliability and Durability (4.6/5) 

Constructed with sturdy stainless steel and plastic, this dishwasher promises to stand the test of time. Not to forget, the brand offers a one-year warranty to back up their confidence in the product.

Essential Feature Highlights

A kitchen image with AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Dimension, Design & Price

It is a sleek, white-black dishwasher with a stainless steel finish, all for just $286. Perfectly sized and designed for modern kitchens.

Height18.05 inches
Width16.86 inches
Depth16.75 inches
Weight26.46 pounds
Touch or Tactile ControlsTouch screen panel
TypeCounter Top
Finish Type / MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic

Performance & Utility

Experience efficient cleaning with 4 dedicated wash cycles. From normal to baby care, this dishwasher tailors its wash to your needs.

Water Consumption (Per Cycle)5 Liters
Estimated Energy Consumption142 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Voltage Required120 Volts (AC)
Noise Level (dB)50 dB
Number of Wash Cycles for Dishes4 (Normal, Speed, Glass, Baby Care)
Additional Cycles other than Washing Dishes1 (Fruit)
Number of Spray Arms2 (upper and lower rotating spray arms)
Hot Air Drying / Heat DryingYes (PTC Hot Air Drying)

Features, Safety & Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty, ensuring the dishwasher’s quality and performance for your household needs.

Delay start timerNo
Child lock – Safety FeatureNo
Warranty Duration1 Year

Capacity & Layout

Designed for convenience, this dishwasher features 1 Rack to efficiently accommodate your washing needs.

Number of Place SettingsFour (4) standard place setting
Dish or Plate Size a Rack can Accumulate12 inches (at an angle), 10.25 inches upright
Number of Racks1 Rack
Special Utensil Holders or BasketsYes (cutlery basket and fruit basket)

Detailed Wash Cycles

These cleaning cycles make your dishes sparkle and shine. Each one’s made specially to tackle different kinds of messes, so your dishes always look their best!


Do you Want a thorough clean for your everyday dishes? The NORMAL cycle uses warm water at 131°F to wash, then rinses with cold water. The final touch? A hot rinse at 154°F. All this in just 69 minutes! Plus, let them air dry for an hour, and you’re good to go.


In a hurry? The SPEED cycle is here to help. It starts with a warm wash at 122°F, followed by a cold rinse and a final hot rinse at 144°F. Just 29 minutes and bam – clean dishes! Give them an hour to air dry and set the table.


Glasses deserve special care, right? The GLASS cycle ensures that with a 131°F wash and then a cold rinse. We end it with a hot rinse at 154°F. 59 minutes, and your glasses will sparkle! Let them air out for 60 minutes, and cheers!


Babies need the best, always! The BABY CARE cycle begins with a 131°F wash, followed by a same-temp rinse. After a cold rinse, there’s a super-hot rinse at 167°F. In 89 minutes, your baby items are spotless and safe. An hour of air drying, and you’re baby-ready.

There’s also another cool cycle just for stuff besides dishes. Check it out below!


Got some fruits to freshen up? The FRUIT cycle is super quick with two cold rinses. Just 19 minutes, and your fruits are crisp and clean. Best part? No drying time is needed. Enjoy your healthy snack!

A small photo of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher.

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher

The Competitive Edge Of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 In The Market

Want to know the secret sauce that makes AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 a big hit? Come along, and let’s discover why everyone’s raving about it!

Transparent Dual-Layer Glass Door with LED 

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 features a transparent dual-layer glass door, allowing you to easily peek into the progress of your wash cycle. This is a clear advantage over some of its competitors, such as the COMFEE CDC22P2AWW model, which has a solid door.

Space Saving Dimensions with Optimal Performance 

AIRMSEN’s dishwasher stands at a sleek 16.86 inches in width and 18.05 inches in height. While it’s comparable in size to other models, it offers a combination of design efficiency and high performance in a compact form.

Designed for a Variety of Dishes and Utensils 

With a capacity to hold dishes up to 12 inches at an angle and a dedicated cutlery tray, the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 beats some of its competitors, such as the COMFEE model, which can only accommodate up to 10-inch dishes. This ensures more flexibility in loading different dish sizes.

Effective Hot Air Drying Mechanism 

The AIRMSEN dishwasher employs PTC Hot Air Drying, ensuring that your dishes not only come out clean but also dry. 

Diverse Wash Cycles Catering to Different Needs 

With four distinct wash cycles, including Normal, Speed, Glass, and Baby Care, plus an additional Fruit cycle, AIRMSEN provides flexibility for varied washing needs, similar to the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 but at a more competitive price.

Sanitization for a Thorough Clean 

Safety is a priority with the AIRMSEN dishwasher. It boasts a sanitization feature with a high temperature of 154℉ during the Normal Cycle, ensuring dishes are not only cleaned but also sanitized properly.

Robust Build with Stainless Steel Finish 

The exterior door of the AIRMSEN model is constructed with a combination of stainless steel and plastic, suggesting durability and a sleek look, unlike some of its competitors, like the NOVETE TDQR01, which is made purely of plastic.

Energy and Water Efficient 

While using just 5 liters of water per cycle, AIRMSEN’s dishwasher consumes only 142 Kilowatt Hours per year. This makes it a better choice in terms of energy efficiency.

Who Needs This Compact Dishwasher?

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Busy Families

Every busy family can relate to the struggle of cleaning up after meals. The AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 makes this chore a breeze. With its capability to hold four standard place settings and accommodate plates up to 12 inches in diameter, it’s perfect for daily family dinners. Plus, with wash cycles like Normal, Speed, Glass, and Baby Care, every dish from baby bottles to wine glasses gets spotless, all while using 80% less water than manual washing.

College Students and Dorm Residents

For students living in dorms or shared apartments, this compact Countertop Dishwasher is a godsend. It doesn’t require any special installation, has a 5L water tank option for places without easy faucet access, and is energy efficient, consuming only 0.135-0.439 kWh per cycle. And let’s be honest, college students have better things to do than dishes!

Small Apartment Dwellers

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious kitchen. For those in small apartments, this dishwasher is compact, measuring just 18.05 inches in height and 16.86 inches in width, allowing it to fit comfortably on most countertops. It also has a stylish transparent dual-layer glass door with a built-in LED lamp to fit the modern aesthetic of many city apartments.

RV and Boat Owners

Adventure seekers on the move in RVs or boats need appliances that are both compact and efficient. With its portability, this dishwasher can be easily moved into an RV, boat, or even a cabin in the woods. Its minimal water and energy consumption make it ideal for places where resources might be limited.

Couples and Singles

Sometimes, it’s just dinner for two or even one. This dishwasher’s compact size is perfect for smaller households, ensuring that dishes don’t pile up. Plus, the Fruit cycle offers a unique way to quickly rinse off fruits, a handy feature for quick snacks or breakfasts.

Health Enthusiasts

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially for those who are health-conscious. With the Baby Care cycle, this dishwasher achieves a steam cleaning effect with water temperatures of 167℉, ensuring baby bottles, toys, and even heavily soiled dishes are deeply cleaned and sterilized.

Environmentally Conscious Individuals

If conserving water and energy is a priority, this dishwasher is the right choice. It uses only 1.3 gallons of water per cycle, reducing water consumption significantly. Moreover, its energy consumption is minimal, making it a friendlier choice for the planet.

Senior Citizens

For older individuals, bending and scrubbing dishes can be a challenge. The AIRMSEN dishwasher, with its ergonomically angled LED display, allows for easy operation without bending down. Plus, its compact size makes it suitable for smaller kitchens often found in senior living communities.

A small photo of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher.

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher

Who Can Skip Considering This Dishwasher?

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Large Families

For families with many members, this dishwasher might not be the most suitable option. The AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 has a capacity of only four standard place settings. A family of five or more would likely have to run multiple cycles after just one meal, making it inefficient and time-consuming for their needs.

Commercial Restaurants and Cafes

This model, with its compact size and limited loading capacity, is not designed for commercial purposes. Restaurants and cafes typically have a large volume of dishes to wash multiple times a day. The dishwasher’s maximum dish size of 12 inches (at an angle) and only four standard place settings won’t accommodate the number and variety of dishes these establishments handle daily.

Tech Enthusiasts

For those who love smart home devices and enjoy integrating their appliances, this dishwasher might not hit the mark. It’s not Wi-Fi enabled and lacks compatibility with home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. So, it’s a no-go for those who wish to control their dishwasher using voice commands or from their smartphones.

Individuals with a Built-in Dishwasher

If someone already has a built-in dishwasher in their kitchen, the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 might be redundant. This countertop model is designed for those who lack a built-in option and need a compact solution. Plus, with a noise level of 50 dB, it’s not the quietest option out there, potentially making a built-in unit more desirable.

People with Limited Counter Space

Even though this is a countertop model designed for compactness, not everyone has the luxury of spare counter space. The dishwasher’s dimensions, especially its height of 18.05 inches, might take up valuable space that some individuals can’t spare in their kitchen.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03

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Space-Saving Compact Design

The AIRMSEN dishwasher boasts a design that is both compact and efficient, fitting snugly on countertops. Its measurements – 18.05 inches in height, 16.86 inches in width, and 16.75 inches in depth – means that it won’t take up too much space, making it perfect for small kitchens, apartments, or even mobile homes.

Transparent Viewing Window with LED Lighting

One of the standout features of this dishwasher is its transparent dual-layer glass door, paired with a built-in LED lamp. This cool combo lets you sneak a peek at your dishes during the wash, ensuring everything’s going smoothly and just adding a touch of fun to the mundane task of dishwashing.

Versatile Wash Cycles

With five distinct wash cycles, this dishwasher doesn’t skimp on options. Whether you’re doing a quick rinse of lightly soiled dishes or need a heavy-duty clean for baby bottles, you’ve got a setting that’s just right. And hey, there’s even a cycle dedicated to fruit!

Effective Hot Air Drying

Say goodbye to towel drying! This dishwasher uses PTC Hot Air Drying to ensure that once the wash cycle is complete, your dishes come out dry and ready for storage. Plus, it has a unique 60-minute drying feature and 72 hours of automatic ventilation to keep things fresh.

Impressive Cleaning Performance

Those two rotating spray arms aren’t just for show! With 14 water ports on each arm, dishes get a thorough 360° rinse. Combined with temperatures that soar up to 167°F, this dishwasher promises and delivers a deep clean.

Friendly User Interface

A touchscreen LED display that’s tilted for easier visibility. That’s user-friendly design at its finest. With this dishwasher, selecting your desired wash program won’t require any guesswork or bending down.

Suitable for Various Living Arrangements

Whether you’re in a dorm, an RV, or a cabin in the woods, this dishwasher has got you covered. Thanks to its portable design and an option to hook it up directly to a kitchen sink or use a built-in water tank, it’s as versatile as it comes.

Choice in Detergents

Whether you’re a pod person, liquid lover, or powder enthusiast, this dishwasher works with them all. And here’s a handy tip: if you’re using detergent tablets, make sure to opt for longer cycles to ensure they dissolve completely.

Steam Cleaning for Deep Cleanses

The Baby Care mode uses the steam generated by 167°F water to deep-clean items like baby bottles and toys. This ensures not only cleanliness but also the removal of harmful germs and bacteria.

Remember, clean dishes aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about health. And with this dishwasher, you’re getting both in spades!


Not Energy Star Rated

While the dishwasher has detailed energy consumption stats, it doesn’t have an Energy Star rating. Energy Star-rated appliances typically use 10-50% less energy than their non-rated counterparts. Thus, this dishwasher might not be the most energy-efficient choice available.

Long Air Drying Time

The air-drying time for most of the cycles is 60 minutes. That’s quite a while, especially when compared to the wash cycle durations. A long drying time might be less energy-efficient and can delay unloading.

No Soil Sensor Capability

The absence of a soil sensor or turbidity sensor means the dishwasher can’t adjust the wash cycle in real-time based on how dirty the dishes are. This feature can save water and energy by customizing the wash cycle to the load’s needs.

No Wi-Fi or Smart Home Connectivity

In today’s smart home era, this dishwasher lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and isn’t compatible with home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. These features can offer convenient remote control and monitoring capabilities.

No Leak or Overflow Protection

Safety features such as leak or overflow protection can prevent potential water damage to homes. The absence of this feature means users must be more vigilant about potential leaks or malfunctions.

No Delay Start Timer

A delay start timer lets users schedule wash cycles to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates or to have dishes cleaned when they’re back from work. Its absence means less flexibility in planning wash cycles.

Alternatives to AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03

Let’s discuss some of its alternatives;

The COMFEE CDC22P2AWW is a sturdy dishwasher boasting a solid door design. While it’s a bit cheaper than our reviewed dishwasher, it offers a greater loading capacity of 6 place settings. It also provides a variety of 8 wash cycles. Its energy consumption is slightly higher, but it’s been awarded the Energy Star, hinting at good efficiency. Originating from China, it features a stainless steel and plastic build, ensuring durability. Plus, families will appreciate the childproof lock for added safety. Read more about this model in our comprehensive COMFEE CDC22P2AWW Dishwasher Review.

Now, the NOVETE TDQR01 steps up the game with a transparent dual-layer glass door featuring a built-in LED lamp, adding a touch of style to your kitchen. Priced a bit higher, it matches our reviewed dishwasher in size and weight but distinguishes itself with a cutlery tray. However, it isn’t Energy Star rated, but it does rinse dishes with hot water at the end of the cycle, ensuring a thorough clean. For detailed information, check out our NOVETE TDQR01 Dishwasher Review.

Lastly, there’s the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01, closely priced to our reviewed model. It comes with a transparent window and a similar size and weight to the others. It lacks an LED display but compensates with a touch panel. It offers 4 standard washing cycles and 2 additional cycles for fruits and drying. Though new to the market, it showcases promise with its hot air drying and high-temperature sterilization features. Read more about this model in our comprehensive FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher Review.

A small photo of COMFEE ‎CDC22P2AWW dishwasher.

COMFEE ‎CDC22P2AWW Dishwasher

A small photo of Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher.

Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher

A small photo of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher.


Final Thoughts on AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher Review

We’re wrapping up our fun of the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher review, and guess what? It’s a winner! For just $286, this countertop gem is compact, measuring around 18 inches in height and about 17 inches wide and deep. Don’t let its small size fool you! It has space for four standard place settings and even has a special basket for your cutlery and fruits.

In addition, with 4 wash cycles and an extra one just for fruits, your dishes will sparkle! And oh, did we mention the cool touchscreen panel and that it’s so quiet at just 50 dB? If you’re short on space but want a big performer, the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 is the way to go. Trust us, your kitchen will thank you! So, why wait? Dive in and treat your dishes today!

If you want to explore more model reviews, check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Reviews for more choices.

A small photo of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher.

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher’s size and weight?

The AIRMSENAE-TDQR03 is a compact dishwasher with dimensions of 18.05 inches in height, 16.86 inches in width, and 16.75 inches in depth, weighing 26.46 pounds.

How many wash cycles does this dishwasher have?

The AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03Dishwasher offers five wash cycles: Normal, Speed, Glass, Baby Care, and a special Fruit cycle.

What’s unique about its design?

The dishwasher features a transparent dual-layerglass door with a built-in LED lamp, letting you watch your dishes get cleaned in real-time.

How does the AE-TDQR03 save water and energy?

Compared to manual washing,this dishwasher uses only 5 liters of water per cycle and consumes 142 Kilowatt Hours per year, making it efficient and eco-friendly.

Is there a drying mechanism after washing?

Yes, it has a PTC Hot Air Drying system and offers an extra-drying function for 60 minutes to ensure dishes are fully dry.

Can I use it in places without direct water connections?

Absolutely! The AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 comes with a 5L water tank and a water hose for direct faucet hookups, perfect for RVs, cabins, or dorms.

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