What Is a Smart Dishwasher? Everything You Need to Know

by | Last updated Oct 21, 2023

Tired of scrubbing stubborn food stains off your dishes even after they’ve gone through a wash cycle? Or have you been puzzled by inexplicably high water bills? We’ve all been there. But here’s a game-changer: What if we told you there’s a solution that promises pristine dishes and conserves energy and water? Enter the world of advanced kitchen tech. Ever wondered, “What Is a Smart Dishwasher?”

Well, a smart dishwasher is more than just a machine; it’s your kitchen’s best friend! With innovations ranging from auto-adjusting cycles based on load dirtiness to remote diagnostics, these smart appliances are redefining how we view dishwashing. Gone are the days of manually setting, guessing amounts, and praying for spotless dishes. Today’s dishwashers are intelligent, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

So, stick around if you’re all about simplifying life, saving money, and embracing the future. Discover how a smart dishwasher can revolutionize your kitchen experience and why you might never look at dishwashing the same way again!

Water & Energy Savings

Smart dishwashers save up! They can reduce water usage by up to 15% and energy consumption by 10%. That’s good for your bills and our planet.

Key Features of a Smart Dishwasher

Showcasing a smart dishwasher in a kitchen setting, with icons illustrating its key features.

Smart dishwashers have many advanced features designed to enhance your dishwashing experience. These features can include:

Remote Control

Through a compatible app on your smartphone or tablet, you can start, pause, or stop a cleaning cycle. You can even schedule wash cycles to start at a more convenient time, like during off-peak energy hours.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics in smart dishwashers use sensors and software to detect and communicate issues, allowing for problem resolution without a technician’s physical presence. This information can be relayed to the user or the manufacturer’s support directly.

Voice Control

Some models of smart dishwashers can integrate with voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, allowing hands-free operation.

Auto-Dispense Detergent

Certain high-end models can hold up to a month’s worth of detergent and automatically dispense the right amount for each load.

Energy Efficiency

Many smart dishwashers are Energy Star certified, which means they meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency.

Load Sensing

Smart dishwashers utilize load-detecting technologies to gauge the number of dishes and modify the cleaning cycle as needed. This saves resources and enhances efficiency, ensuring each load gets the correct water amount, detergent, and cleaning cycles.

The Auto or Sensor Cycle

The “Auto or Sensor cycle” in smart dishwashers automatically adjusts the wash settings based on the dirtiness of the load. Using sensors, it gauges soil levels on dishes. Then it modifies water temperature, wash time, and detergent use for optimal cleaning and efficiency.

Hard Water Adjustments

Smart dishwashers use sensors to detect water hardness. They adjust the wash cycle accordingly, minimizing spots on dishes and preventing mineral buildup. This optimizes detergent use and extends appliance life. Some even have built-in water softeners for enhanced performance in hard water regions.

The Zeolite Magic Fun fact

Some high-end dishwashers use zeolite crystals to dry dishes. These natural minerals absorb moisture and release heat, giving you superbly dry dishes without the extra energy.

How Does a Smart Dishwasher Work?

A smart dishwasher operates much like a regular dishwasher, with a few added layers of connectivity and convenience. Here’s how it works:

When connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, the smart dishwasher communicates with the manufacturer’s app on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to monitor and control the dishwasher remotely, receiving real-time updates on the wash cycle’s progress, estimated completion time, and even when it’s time to unload the dishes.

Moreover, some smart dishwashers also have sensors that can detect how dirty your dishes are. They automatically adjust the water and energy use for maximum efficiency, giving you a more customized and environmentally friendly wash. With AI and machine learning integration, these appliances continue to evolve and improve, creating a more seamless and efficient kitchen environment.

Benefits of Using a Smart Dishwasher

Smart dishwashers are not just about technological advancements. They also offer tangible benefits that can enhance your everyday life. Let’s look at some of these advantages:


Smart dishwashers can detect the dirt level of the dishes and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. This not only ensures your dishes are cleaned to perfection, but it also saves water and energy.


With a smart dishwasher, you can start a wash cycle from anywhere using your smartphone. You can load your dishwasher before heading out and start the cycle so your dishes are ready to be unloaded when you get home.


Smart dishwashers can send notifications to your smartphone when a cycle is complete or if there’s a problem, such as a blocked spray arm or a low salt level. This helps to prevent potential issues from becoming larger problems.

Maintenance Reminders

Your smart dishwasher can alert you when it’s time to run a cleaning cycle or replace a filter, removing the guesswork from appliance maintenance.

Comparing Smart Dishwashers with Traditional Models

While traditional dishwashers have served us well for many years, smart dishwashers offer several improvements. Here’s how they compare:


The most significant difference is connectivity. While a traditional dishwasher operates independently, a smart dishwasher can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control it remotely.


Traditional dishwashers typically come with a set number of predefined programs. In contrast, smart dishwashers allow for more customization of cleaning cycles, enabling you to create the perfect cleaning conditions for your dishes.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

With a traditional dishwasher, problems often go unnoticed until a breakdown occurs. In contrast, a smart dishwasher provides proactive alerts about potential issues, saving you from unexpected breakdowns and repair costs.


Smart dishwashers integrate with other smart home devices, such as smart speakers, allowing for voice-controlled operation – impossible with traditional models.

While both dishwashers have advantages, smart dishwashers provide an edge with advanced features and connectivity, enhancing your dishwashing experience.

How to Operate a Smart Dishwasher

Operating a smart dishwasher is similar to a traditional model but with added smart features. Here’s a general step-by-step guide, but always refer to the user manual of your specific model for detailed instructions:


Connect your smart dishwasher to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This usually involves downloading the manufacturer’s app on your smartphone, following the app’s instructions to connect to the dishwasher, and inputting your Wi-Fi details.


Like any dishwasher, you must scrape off excess food from your dishes and load them correctly. Remember to ensure that nothing obstructs the spray arms.

Selecting a Cycle

You can choose a cleaning cycle on the dishwasher or remotely through the app. Some smart dishwashers also offer auto programs that determine the most efficient wash cycle based on the load’s dirt level.

Remote Control

If you’re away from home or in another room, you can start, pause, or stop a cycle from your smartphone. You can also check the time remaining on a cycle.

Maintenance Alerts

Pay attention to notifications from the dishwasher app. These could alert you to low rinse aid, a clogged filter, or other maintenance needs.

Common Problems in Smart Dishwashers

Like any appliance, smart dishwashers can encounter issues. Here are some common problems and how you can address them:

Connectivity Issues

If your dishwasher won’t connect to your Wi-Fi, try moving your router closer to the dishwasher, or use a Wi-Fi extender. If this doesn’t help, check your router settings or contact your Internet Service Provider.

App Problems

If the app isn’t working correctly, try restarting your phone. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Not Cleaning Dishes Properly

If your dishes need to be cleaned, ensure that the spray arms aren’t blocked and that you use the correct amount of suitable detergent. If everything seems fine, it might be time to call a professional.

Dishwasher Not Draining

Check the drain hose for kinks or blockages if your dishwasher isn’t draining. A professional might need to inspect the appliance if you can’t see anything obvious.

Remember, while troubleshooting can resolve simple issues, don’t hesitate to contact professional service if the problem persists or is beyond your expertise.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Smart Dishwasher

Proper care and maintenance can ensure that your smart dishwasher performs optimally for many years. Here are a few tips to keep it running smoothly:

Routine Cleaning

Regularly clean your smart dishwasher to avoid food debris, grease, and soap scum build-up. This includes the dishwasher filter, door seal, and spray arms. Most manufacturers recommend a monthly cleaning cycle using a dishwasher cleaner or vinegar.

Proper Loading

Always load your dishes correctly. Improper loading can lead to poorly washed dishes and damage the interior over time. Make sure not to obstruct the spray arms and avoid overloading.

Smart Features Care

Update the dishwasher’s software when updates are available. Regular updates ensure you benefit from any fixes or new features the manufacturer releases.

Rinse Aid and Salt

Regularly refill rinse aid and salt (if your model requires it) for better washing results and machine longevity.

Regular Inspection

Check hoses and connections for leaks regularly. This can prevent minor issues from turning into significant problems.

Choosing the Right Smart Dishwasher: Factors to Consider

Depicting a smart dishwasher with spotless dishes, demonstrating that choosing a smart dishwasher is the optimal decision.

Choosing a suitable smart dishwasher can be daunting with various models on the market. Here are a few factors to consider when making your choice:

Size and Capacity

Choose a dishwasher that fits your kitchen and can accommodate your typical dish load. Consider whether you need a full-size, compact, or slimline model based on your household size and available space.

Energy Efficiency

Look for energy-efficient models to save on your energy bills and reduce environmental impact. Energy Star-rated dishwashers, for example, use less water and energy than non-certified models.

Smart Features

Assess the smart features on offer. While most smart dishwashers offer remote control and status updates, some may have more advanced features like voice control, automatic detergent dispensers, or leak detection.

Tunes and Top-Notch Safety!

Ever heard a dishwasher sing? Some smart models serenade you with a jingle when they finish. Beyond the melodies, their built-in child safety locks ensure little adventurers stay safe, preventing unintended door openings. Convenience meets peace of mind!


Check customer reviews and ratings to understand the dishwasher’s reliability. Also, consider the brand’s reputation and warranty coverage.


Smart dishwashers range widely in price. Determine your budget beforehand, and weigh the cost against the features and performance offered.

Concluding Thoughts: What is a smart dishwasher?

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the smart dishwasher stands out as a game-changer for the modern kitchen. It’s not just about cleaning dishes anymore; it’s about convenience, efficiency, and syncing with our digital lifestyles. From remote operations via smartphones to energy-saving features, the smart dishwasher truly epitomizes the fusion of technology and everyday tasks. For those on the fence, think about the hours you’d save and the hassles you’d bypass with such an innovative appliance at your fingertips. Ready to elevate your kitchen game? Dive into the future and consider investing in a smart dishwasher. After all, why just wash dishes when you can do it smartly?

At WashDryDazzle, we’re dedicated to providing essential insights that make your daily chores effortless. Dive deeper into our comprehensive Dishwasher Education hub to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the smart rinse option determine the rinse intensity?

The smart rinse option utilizes advanced sensors to gauge the level of dirt and food particles on the dishes. Based on this assessment, it automatically adjusts the intensity and duration of the rinse to ensure optimal cleaning without wasting water.

How long can I delay the dishwasher cycle start?

The delayed start feature typically allows users to postpone the beginning of a cycle for a period ranging from 1 hour up to 24 hours, depending on the specific dishwasher model and brand.

Can I cancel a delayed start before it begins?

If you’ve set a delayed start and need to cancel it or start the cycle immediately, most modern dishwashers offer an intuitive interface that lets you easily modify or cancel the scheduled delay. Always refer to your model’s user manual for precise instructions.

How safe are smart dishwashers? Can they be hacked?

Like any smart device, dishwashers can potentially be a target for hackers. However, reputable manufacturers take steps to secure their devices, often by encrypting the data sent between the dishwasher and the app. You can also secure your smart dishwasher by keeping its software up-to-date and using a strong, unique password for your home Wi-Fi network.

Do smart dishwashers offer customizable washing cycles?

Yes, many smart dishwashers allow you to customize washing cycles to your preference. This could mean setting a delay so the cycle starts at a specific time, adjusting the temperature or intensity of the wash, or even creating and saving your own custom cycle.

Which dishwasher brands offer Wi-Fi?

Many of the top dishwasher brands offer models with Wi-Fi connectivity, including Bosch, LG, Samsung, GE, and Whirlpool, among others.



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