Stunning Insights: The FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher Review

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Imagine a dishwasher that promises not just cleanliness but also a slice of happiness every time you use it. Enter the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher review. As a countertop gem, it’s compact and sits snugly in your kitchen without demanding too much space. Don’t let its size fool you – with a noise level of just 50 dB, it hums quietly as it works its magic on plates up to 11 inches in size.

But that’s not all! Offering a versatile range of four distinct wash cycles, be it Normal, Quick, Strong, or Eco, there’s a choice for every dish and mood. And for those times when dishes aren’t the priority, it boasts two special cycles: Fruit and Dry. Tempted to know more? Stick around, and let’s dive deep into this game-changing appliance’s features. Trust us, by the end, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 in your life.

Early Verdict

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4.5 Users Rating

Performance Indicators:

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  • Compact and Portable Design
  • No Installation Hassle
  • Fruit Washing Capability
  • High-Temperature Sterilization
  • Variety of Washing Programs
  • Built-in Viewing Light and Transparent Door


  • Absence of Energy Star Rating
  • Incompatibility with Larger Dishes
  • No Third Rack or Cutlery Tray
  • Absence of Smart Connectivity
  • No Child Safety Feature

Performance Evaluation

Our pals at WashDryDazzle took the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 for a spin to see what it’s truly made of. And guess what? They did it all for you! So you can make a choice that’s just right. Let’s find out if this dishwasher shines as brightly in action as it promises. Dive in, and let’s explore together!

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Price and Design (4.7/5)

For just $280, the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher promises a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for any kitchen. Its pristine white finish is a sight for sore eyes, and with dimensions like 18.03 x 16.85 x 16.73 inches and a weight of 34.2 pounds, it’s both chic and compact. Touch that transparent window, and you’ll know it’s not just about looks; it’s about functionality, too.

Cleaning Performance (4.8/5)

Our dishes never looked this sparkling before! The FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 boasts four distinct wash cycles for dishes: Normal, Quick, Strong, and Eco. Need to wash fruits or just dry them? No worries! There are two additional cycles just for that. And the cherry on top? A high-temperature sterilization at 167°F. With its 360° rotating spray arm, every nook and cranny of your dishes gets attention.

Drying Performance (4.8/5)

Dishes come out dry and ready to use. This buddy uses hot air to dry, ensuring no spot is left wet. Just imagine no more waiting or wiping down dishes before putting them away. Efficiency at its best!

Noise Level (4.6/5)

Tired of noisy dishwashers? The FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 offers a serene solution. Operating at a gentle 50 dB, it’s noticeably quieter than many of its rivals, including the IAGREEA IA-DW01, which operates at 55 dB. Its double-tempered glass design significantly reduces noise, ensuring your peace and tranquility remain undisturbed.

Energy Efficiency (4.6/5)

Even though it’s not Energy Star rated, the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 is mindful of your bills. Consuming only 950 watts and requiring 120 volts, it’s energy-conscious. Plus, with a water consumption of just 5 liters, it’s aiming to be your eco-friendly partner.

Water Usage (4.7/5)

The FireGas dishwasher stands out for its eco-efficiency. It consumes just 5 liters per cycle, a notch better than the IAGREEA IA-DW01’s 6 liters. Its design allows for easy connection to a faucet or the convenience of using its integrated 5L water tank, ensuring a water-saving experience with every wash.

Cycle Time (4.7/5)

From a Quick 29-minute wash to a Strong 89-minute deep clean, this dishwasher understands time is of the essence. And if you’ve got fruits to wash, it’s done in just 19 minutes!

Loading Capacity (4.6/5)

Think small size means limited space? Think again! This dishwasher accommodates 11-inch plates and offers 4 place-setting capacities. And the bonus? Special holders for your utensils and fruits make organization a breeze.

Safety Features (4.3/5)

While it might not have features like a child lock or leak protection, this dishwasher’s double-tempered glass ensures it’s sturdy and safe for daily use.

Reliability and Durability (4.6/5)

Built with quality materials like glass and plastic, the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 is designed to last. The fact that each unit is water-tested at the factory speaks volumes about its reliability. Your dishes and this dishwasher are in it for the long haul.

Essential Feature Highlights

A kitchen image with FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Dimension, Design & Price

Experience a sleek white dishwasher designed for your countertop, priced at just $280. Combining modern touch controls with glass and plastic finish, it redefines elegance and affordability.

Height18.03 inches
Width16.85 inches
Depth16.73 inches
Weight34.2 pounds
Touch or Tactile ControlsTouch Panel
Type (Built-in or Under-counter, Portable with Wheels, Countertop)Counter Top
Finish Type / MaterialGlass, Plastic

Performance & Utility

With 4 dedicated wash cycles, this dishwasher ensures impeccable cleaning. Seamlessly blending efficiency with performance, it’s tailored to meet your diverse dishwashing needs.

Water Consumption (Per Cycle)5 Liters
Estimated Energy Consumption / Wattage950 watts
Voltage Required120 Volts
Noise Level (dB)50 dB
Number of Wash Cycles for Dishes4 (Normal, Quick, Strong, Eco)
Additional Cycles other than Washing Dishes2 (Fruit, Dry)
Number of Spray Arms2
Targeted washing zones360° rotating spray arm
Hot Air Drying / Heat DryingHot Air Dry

Features, Safety & Warranty

While boasting a range of features to ensure optimal performance, the exact duration of the warranty remains unspecified, providing peace of mind with each use.

Child lock – Safety FeatureNo
Leak or Overflow ProtectionNo
Warranty Duration1 Year

Capacity & Layout

With a singular rack designed thoughtfully, the dishwasher efficiently manages your daily dish loads, ensuring a neat and organized cleaning experience.

Number of Place Settings4 Place-Setting Capacity
Dish or Plate Size a Rack can Accumulate11 inches
Number of Racks1 Rack
Special Utensil Holders or BasketsYes (Includes: Fruit basket, Cutlery basket, Tableware basket)

Detailed Wash Cycles

Check out these fantastic cleaning cycles for your dishes. They’re like magic tricks, each specially made to tackle different messy levels and make your dishes shine!


The Normal cycle takes just 69 minutes and is perfect for those everyday dishes. It’s the trusty go-to for making your plates sparkle without any fuss.


In a hurry? Choose the Quick cycle! In just 29 minutes, your dishes will be fresh and clean. It’s speedy magic for when time’s a tad tight.


Do you have some stubborn stains? No worries! The Strong cycle runs for 89 minutes, tackling even the toughest messes and leaving your dishes spotless.


Want to save energy and still get clean dishes? The Eco cycle is your friend! At 59 minutes, it’s a kind choice for both the environment and your wallet.

Guess what? There are two other cycles here, not just for dishes. Keep reading to find out!


Got some fruits that need a good wash? The Fruit cycle takes only 19 minutes, ensuring they’re squeaky clean and ready to munch.


Need those dishes bone dry? Opt for the Dry cycle. It takes its sweet time at 73 hours, ensuring every drop’s gone and your dishes are ready for storage.

A small photo of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher.


The Competitive Edge Of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 In The Market

Want to know the secret sauce that makes FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher a big hit? Come along, and let’s discover why everyone’s raving about it!

Quieter Operation

The focused dishwasher, FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01, operates at a noise level of 50 dB, making it as quiet as its AIRMSEN competitor, AE-TDQR03. Both these models significantly reduce noise compared to IAGREEA IA-DW01 and COSTWAY EP24717US, which operate at 55 dB and 58 dB, respectively. A quieter dishwasher can make a big difference in the comfort of your home, especially if you live in an open floor plan.

Generous Loading Capacity

Our FIREGAS dishwasher offers a 4 Place-Setting Capacity matching the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03. This capacity is ideal for households or settings where space is limited, but the user wants to maintain the amount of dishes cleaned per cycle.

Efficient Water Consumption

Like the COSTWAY EP24717US and AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 models, the FIREGAS dishwasher uses only 5 Liters of water per cycle. This is slightly more efficient than the IAGREEA model, which uses 6 Liters.

Larger Dish Size Accommodation

The FIREGAS dishwasher can hold plates up to 11 inches in size. Although it’s slightly less than what the COSTWAY and AIRMSEN models offer, it surpasses the IAGREEA model, which only holds up to 10 inches.

Special Utensil Holders Included

The FIREGAS model includes a fruit basket, cutlery basket, and tableware basket for added convenience. This gives a user-friendly option to sort and place utensils effectively.

Same Power, Less Consumption

All models, excluding AIRMSEN, have a wattage of 950 watts. However, the AIRMSEN model consumes 142 Kilowatt Hours Per Year, which might be higher than others if used frequently.

No Special Installation Needed

The FIREGAS dishwasher boasts a hassle-free setup with its ‘No installation needed’ feature. You won’t need to hire extra help or spend more time setting it up.

Diverse Wash Cycles

FIREGAS offers a variety of wash cycles, including Normal, Quick, Strong, and Eco. Additionally, it provides specialized cycles for fruits and drying, ensuring you have a setting for every need.

Sanitization at High Temperatures

The focused model uses a high-temperature sterilization of 167°F, ensuring that your dishes are clean and sanitized. This is slightly higher than COSTWAY offers and is on par with AIRMSEN’s Baby Care cycle.

Transparent Viewing Window

You can easily check the status of your dishes through the transparent window of the FIREGAS model. This feature is also present in IAGREEA and COSTWAY models, but the AIRMSEN model offers a dual-layer glass door, which might need to provide a view.

Who Needs This Compact Dishwasher?

An image has a product picture on the right side and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" on the left. It is the image of the section "Who Needs FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher."

Small Families and Couples

This dishwasher can be a game-changer for small families or couples just starting out. Its 4 place-setting capacity is just the right size to handle daily dishes without taking up too much space. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments where every inch counts.

Singles Living Alone

Living alone has its perks, but doing the dishes isn’t one of them. This FIREGAS model, with its rapid 29-minute Quick wash, lets singles zip through chores and get back to enjoying their personal time. Also, its portability means setting up is a breeze if you’re frequently moving or renting.

RV and Tiny House Enthusiasts

This dishwasher is a dream come true for those who embrace the mobile or minimalist lifestyle. With a built-in 5L water tank and no need for special installation, it’s perfect for an RV or a tiny home. Its countertop design ensures it only demands a little space but still performs effectively.

Busy Professionals

With work and other commitments taking center stage, washing dishes can feel burdensome. The variety of wash cycles, including the “Strong” cycle for those stubborn pots and pans and the 167°F high-temperature sterilization, ensures every dish is spotless and germ-free.

Parents of Infants

The safety and cleanliness of baby bottles and toys are paramount. This dishwasher’s ability to thoroughly clean and sterilize is a boon for parents who want to ensure their baby’s items are safe. The convenience of not having to scrub each item individually means more time to spend with the little one.

Health Enthusiasts and Fruit Lovers

Health enthusiasts can ensure their fruits are cleaned thoroughly with a dedicated fruit wash. This eliminates the tedious task of hand washing every fruit, ensuring they’re free from pesticides and other contaminants while conserving water.

Students in Dorms or Shared Spaces

This dishwasher can be a lifesaver for students living in dorms or shared spaces. It can easily fit on a counter or a sturdy table and doesn’t require a dedicated water line. Plus, with the built-in light, roommates can check if the washing cycle is done without opening the door.

Elderly Individuals

Doing dishes can be strenuous, especially for older people. This compact dishwasher saves them the physical effort and ensures their dishes are cleaned and sanitized correctly. The touch panel makes operation simple, and the transparent window allows them to monitor the cleaning process.

Eco-Conscious Individuals

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean compromising on convenience. This dishwasher’s Eco cycle ensures clean dishes using less water and energy. In addition, its ability to accommodate 11-inch plates means fewer runs and more savings.

Apartment Dwellers Without Built-In Dishwashers

For those living in apartments that didn’t come with a built-in dishwasher, this model is a godsend. There is no need for complex installations – just plug, fill, and wash! It’s as simple as that. Plus, the white design easily complements most kitchen decors.

A small photo of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher.


Who Can Skip Considering This Dishwasher?

An image has a product picture on the left side and a speaker icon with the text "Who Does Not Need" on the right. It is the image of the section "Who Does Not Need FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher.

Large Families

The FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 may not be the best choice for large families. With only a 4-place-setting capacity, this dishwasher is not designed to accommodate the large number of dishes, cutlery, and cookware that a big family typically uses in a single mealtime. Its compact nature and single rack setup mean frequent loads would be required, which could be inefficient for a household with numerous members.

Restaurants or Commercial Kitchens

This dishwasher might not fit the demands of a commercial kitchen or a restaurant setting. They often require heavy-duty, high-capacity machines that can handle larger volumes of dishes, multiple racks, and faster wash cycles. The FIREGAS model has a 4 place-setting capacity and doesn’t have an Energy Star rating, so it might not be the most efficient option for such busy environments.

Tech Enthusiasts

The FIREGAS dishwasher might not appeal to those who love cutting-edge technology in their appliances. This model lacks smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with home assistants, or even a digital display. It’s more of a straightforward machine without the bells and whistles that tech enthusiasts often appreciate.

Enthusiasts of Silent Appliances

Noise can be a factor when choosing home appliances. This dishwasher operates at 50 dB. While this isn’t excessively loud, it’s worth noting for individuals prioritizing near-silent operations. Other dishwashers might offer quieter cycles, making this one less attractive to noise-sensitive individuals.

Eco-conscious Individuals

The FIREGAS model isn’t Energy Star-rated. Eco-conscious individuals might prefer appliances certified for energy efficiency, as they can be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in terms of energy usage. While compact and potentially using less water than hand washing, this dishwasher might not be the top pick for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01

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Compact and Portable Design

The FIREGAS dishwasher boasts a compact design, perfect for small kitchens, apartments, or even RVs. Its portability means it doesn’t require a permanent space and can be moved around as needed, offering flexibility in placement.

No Installation Hassle

Thanks to its design, this dishwasher requires no special installation. Users can use the provided hose to fill the built-in tank or connect it to a faucet. This feature eliminates the need for professional installation, saving time and money.

Variety of Washing Programs

With 6 different washing programs, users have various options based on their cleaning needs. This includes settings for a quick wash, an eco-friendly cycle, and even a mode specifically for fruits, ensuring versatility and convenience.

High-Temperature Sterilization

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to cleaning dishes that we eat from. This dishwasher raises the water temperature to 167°F, ensuring dishes are cleaned and sanitized, making it suitable even for baby dishes and bottles.

Built-in Viewing Light and Transparent Door

The double-tempered glass door not only offers noise isolation but also features a built-in light. This allows users to view the washing process, ensuring peace of mind that their dishes are being cleaned effectively.

Space Efficient with Ample Capacity

This dishwasher can accommodate dishes up to 11 inches despite its compact size. Its smart design provides space for various dishes, from plates to utensils, making it a powerhouse in a small package.

Water-Efficient Choice

Dishwashing by hand can consume more water. This machine, however, is designed to be water-efficient, ensuring that dishes are cleaned without wasting this precious resource.

Fruit Washing Capability

It’s not just for dishes! This dishwasher has a fruit-washing function, allowing users to clean their fruits efficiently. This added feature provides a dual purpose, enhancing its utility.

Special Care for Baby Items

Parents can now easily sanitize baby items with this dishwasher’s special setting for bottles and toys, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning for their little ones’ essentials.

Flexibility in Water Source

The built-in 5L water tank allows the dishwasher to operate without a continuous water source. Alternatively, users can connect it directly to their kitchen faucet. This dual option provides adaptability based on user preferences and circumstances.

Quiet Operation

With a noise level of just 50dB, this dishwasher ensures a quiet operation. This means users can run it without the disturbance of loud noises, making it a peaceful addition to any kitchen setting.

High Usage Frequency

The dishwasher can be run 2 to 3 times a day. This is an indication of its durability and reliability. If you have a high dish load or a large family, it’s good to know that this model can handle frequent use without breaking down.


Limited Place Settings

This dishwasher has a capacity for only 4 place settings. While this might be sufficient for a single person or a couple, it’s not ideal for families or households with multiple members. This means you might run multiple cycles, which can be time-consuming.

No Energy Star Rating

The dishwasher isn’t Energy Star rated. Energy Star-rated appliances typically use 10-50% less energy than their non-rated counterparts. Thus, this model might not be as energy-efficient, potentially leading to higher electricity bills in the long run.

Not Suitable for Larger Dishes

The dishwasher can only accommodate plates up to 11 inches. If you often use or have larger plates or cookware, this dishwasher might not be a good fit for you.

No Digital Display

While the dishwasher has a touch panel, there’s no digital display. This can make it harder to gauge how much time is left in a cycle or if there are any errors.

No Soil Sensor

There’s no soil or turbidity sensor, which means the dishwasher can’t adjust its wash cycle based on the dishes’ dirtiness. This might lead to unnecessary water or energy usage for not-so-dirty dishes.

No Third Rack or Cutlery Tray

Many modern dishwashers come with a third rack or a separate cutlery tray. This model doesn’t have that feature, which can make organizing cutlery or small items more challenging.

No Smart Connectivity

In an era of smart homes, this dishwasher doesn’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity or compatibility with home assistants. This means you can’t control or monitor the dishwasher remotely.

No Child Safety Feature

A child lock feature is crucial for households with children to prevent unintentional operations or kids accessing the dishwasher. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t provide that safety feature.

No Leak or Overflow Protection

A dishwasher without leak or overflow protection can potentially damage your home’s water, especially if a malfunction occurs or the dishwasher is improperly loaded.

Glass and Plastic Finish

While the dishwasher boasts double tempered glass, its material finish also includes plastic. Over time, plastic can become brittle or discolored, affecting the appliance’s aesthetics and durability.

Alternatives to FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01

Let’s dive into some excellent alternatives to our reviewed dishwasher.

First up is the IAGREEA IA-DW01. This sleek dishwasher is not just about looks. With its LED touch screen and unique dish details, it’s a true champ. It’s a bit easier on the wallet than our reviewed model. It’s got 6 wash cycles, including one just for baby’s stuff! The protective feature against water leakage is a bonus. While it might make a little more noise at 55 dB, it’s still a great pick! Read more about this model in our comprehensive IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher Review.

Then, there’s the COSTWAY EP24717US. Hailing from Switzerland, this one’s got a transparent window like our reviewed model. It can handle slightly bigger dishes, up to 12 inches. Your dishes will be sparkling with 4 washing cycles and a high-temperature cleaning feature! Price-wise, it’s a tad more than our main model. Read more about this model in our comprehensive COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher Review.

Lastly, we have AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03. This one stands out with its transparent dual-layer glass door and LED touchscreen display. It’s nearly the same price as our main model. This dishwasher takes care of dishes and ensures they’re sanitized at high temperatures. Plus, it’s built with stainless steel and plastic, promising durability. Read more about this model in our comprehensive AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher Review!

A small photo of IAGREEA IA-DW01 dishwasher.

IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher

A small photo of COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher.

COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher

A small photo of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher.

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher

Final Thoughts on FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher Review

What an exciting ride it’s been diving into the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher! First off, this beauty comes at a steal for only $280. It’s compact and snug with dimensions, making it a perfect fit for any kitchen. Its sleek white look will dazzle you, and the touch panel will take the cake. It’s got you covered with space for 4 place settings and even a special holder for fruits, cutlery, and tableware!

The 360° rotating spray arm ensures your dishes get squeaky clean from all angles. Plus, with energy consumption at 950 watts, it’s like giving your dishes a spa day without the hefty electricity bill. The cherry on top? It doesn’t just wash dishes; it cleans fruits and gives a hot air dry finish. If you want to level up your dishwashing game, the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 is a must-have. Go grab yours and let your dishes shine!

To explore more model reviews, check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Reviews for more choices.

A small photo of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher?

The FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher is priced at $280.

Does the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 require any special installation?

No, the dishwasher is portable and doesn’t need any special installation. It can be connected to a faucet or filled with water from its built-in tank.

How many wash cycles does the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 offer?

It offers 6 wash cycles: Normal, Quick, Strong, Eco, Fruit, and Dry.

Can this dishwasher be used to wash fruits or just dishes?

It has a special fruit wash function, making it more versatile than just washing dishes.

Is there a special feature for baby items in the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01?

Absolutely! The dishwasher can clean baby bottles and toys, ensuring safe feeding for babies.

What’s the capacity of the built-in water tank?

The dishwasher comes with a 5L built-in water tank. It can also connect directly to a kitchen faucet.

Does the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 have a see-through door?

It has a transparent window, allowing you to view the washing process.

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