Discover the Astonishing IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher Review

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We’ve all been there, accepting that washing dishes can be tedious, especially after a long day. But what if there was a way to make this task easier and more efficient? Enter the IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher: a sleek countertop marvel about changing your kitchen routine. For those who have limited space but still want a functional and efficient solution, this product is designed to meet your needs without any compromise.

This compact machine can accommodate dishes up to 10 inches in size; talk about water efficiency – it consumes just 6 liters per cycle! With 6 specialized wash cycles for dishes (from ‘HEAVY’ to ‘GLASS’) and 1 additional cycle for fruits, this dishwasher has all your needs covered.

But wait, there’s more to dive into. Stick around and discover why the IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher might be the kitchen upgrade you didn’t know you needed. You will want to take advantage of this game-changer.

Early Verdict

A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of IAGREEA IA-DW01 given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.4 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

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4.5 Users Rating

Performance Indicators:

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of IAGREEA IA-DW01.
A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of IAGREEA IA-DW01 in compressed form.


  • Compact and Space-Saving Design
  • See-Through Viewing Window
  • Detachable Filter for Easy Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Cycles
  • High-Temperature Drying
  • 360° Spray Arm


  • Not Energy Star Rated
  • Single Rack Design
  • No Child Lock
  • No Delay Start Timer

Performance Evaluation

Our team at WashDryDazzle took this nifty dishwasher for a spin just for you! They really wanted to see if it lives up to the hype. Their goal? To help you, our lovely readers, make the best choice for your kitchen. Trust us, you’ll want to know what they found out. Stick with us, and we’ll spill the beans!

Price and Design (4.3/5)

Priced at a reasonable $229.49, the IAGREEA IA-DW01 stands out in the market, especially when compared to similar models like the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03, which comes in at $286. This dishwasher boasts a sleek and modern design, perfect for contemporary kitchens. It features an elegant white and gray color scheme, topped off with a unique transparent window that allows you to watch the cleaning magic as it happens. Despite its compact size, with dimensions of 16.9 inches in height and width and a depth of 16.5 inches, it makes a stylish statement without overwhelming your countertop space.

Cleaning Performance (4.6/5)

The IAGREEA dishwasher stands out with its six diverse wash cycles, eclipsing competitors like the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03, which offers four. These cycles cater to a wide range of needs, from heavy-duty cleaning to delicate glass care, and notably include a specialized cycle for baby dishes. A unique feature is its fruit wash cycle. The inclusion of a 360° spray arm guarantees meticulous cleaning, reaching every nook and cranny of your dishes. For those who favor technological convenience, the IAGREEA is equipped with an LED touchscreen, simplifying the process of selecting the perfect cycle for your needs.

Drying Performance (4.5/5)

Nobody likes water spots on their dishes, right? This champ uses high-temperature drying to give your dishes a spotless finish. Plus, internal air circulation ensures no moisture or odor lingers behind. Your dishes come out dry, clean, and ready to shine.

Noise Level (4.2/5)

With a noise level of just 55 dB, it’s not like those old noisy machines. It’s a gentle hum in the background, so you won’t have to shout over it during dinner conversations.

Energy Efficiency (4.1/5)

While it’s not Energy Star-rated, it does an excellent job with just 950 watts. And with specialized cycles like ECO, it’s clear this dishwasher cares about Mother Earth as much as you do.

Water Usage (4.4/5)

This eco-friendly machine uses only 6 liters of water per cycle. That’s smart and kind to our planet!

Cycle Time (4.3/5)

Whether you’re in a rush with the SPEEDY mode (28 mins) or need a deep cleanse with HEAVY (108 mins), there’s a time and mode for every dish’s need.

Loading Capacity (4.5/5)

Though compact, it’s spacious enough to fit a good set of dishes, including bowls, plates, glasses, and more. And the special baskets for cutlery and fruits ensure everything has its place.

Safety Features (4.7/5)

Peace of mind is crucial. With its water leakage-proof design and integrated production tech, say goodbye to those sneaky puddles on your kitchen floor.

Reliability and Durability (4.6/5)

Made of durable ABS material, this machine is built to last. The detachable filter and high-quality build ensure this little wonder will be with you for the long haul.

Essential Feature Highlights

Dimension, Design & Price

Experience a sleek design packed in a compact frame! All yours for just $229.49, ensuring quality meets affordability. Dive in to discover more.

Height16.9 inches
Width16.9 inches
Depth16.5 inches
Weight25.4 pounds
Touch or Tactile ControlsTouch
Type (Built-in or Under-counter, Portable with Wheels, Countertop)Counter Top
Finish Type / MaterialABS

Performance & Utility

With 7 dedicated wash cycles, this dishwasher is engineered to handle various dish-cleaning needs. Dive in for a performance that matches your lifestyle.

Water Consumption (Per Cycle)6 Liters
Estimated Energy Consumption / Wattage950 watts
Voltage Required110 Volts (AC)
Noise Level (dB)55 dB
Number of Wash Cycles for Dishes6 (HEAVY, NORM, ECO, SPEEDY, INFANT, GLASS)
Additional Cycles other than Washing Dishes1 (Fruit)
Number of Spray Arms1 Spray Arm
Targeted washing zones360° Spray Arm
Hot Air Drying / Heat DryingHigh Temperature Drying
Does it rinse dishes with hot water at the end of the cycle?Yes

Features, Safety & Warranty

This dishwasher is equipped with leak protection to ensure your peace of mind. Dive into its offerings and remember, always prioritize safety and longevity in your choices.

Child lock – Safety FeatureNo
Leak or Overflow ProtectionYes (Water Leakage Proof)

Capacity & Layout

This dishwasher features a single rack that accommodates your dishes seamlessly. Dive into its design to discover how it aligns with your dishwashing needs.

Dish or Plate Size a Rack can Accumulate10 inches
Number of Racks1 Rack
Special Utensil Holders or BasketsCutlery Basket, Dish Basket, Fruit Basket

Detailed Wash Cycles

Here are some awesome cleaning cycles, each made just right to tackle all the messy stuff on your dishes. They’ll take super good care of your plates and cups.


Have a pile of tough-to-clean dishes? Don’t worry! The HEAVY cycle is here to tackle the dirtiest jobs, using temperatures up to 158°F to ensure spotless results. In just 108 minutes, let this cycle do the heavy lifting with perfect temperatures and just the right amount of detergent. Peace of mind guaranteed!


For your everyday dishes, the NORM cycle is your go-to friend. In just 58 minutes, it cleans using temperatures reaching 151°F, ensuring every plate and cup sparkles. Trust this cycle for your daily dishwashing chores, and let the magic happen!


Think green? The ECO cycle is all about saving water and energy without compromising on cleanliness. With temperatures up to 154°F, it’s gentle on your dishes and the planet. In 98 minutes, you’re making an eco-friendly choice and still getting superb results!


The SPEEDY cycle is here to the rescue! Perfect for a few dishes that aren’t too dirty, it uses temperatures up to 149°F and wraps up in just 28 minutes. Quick, efficient, and brilliant!


Babies need the best care, and their utensils do too. The INFANT cycle is specifically designed to sterilize baby cutlery, using a high temperature of 160°F. In 38 minutes, you get sanitized and dry cutlery ready for your little one!


Delicate glasses need gentle care. The GLASS cycle is perfect for lightly soiled glassware, ensuring shine and clarity with temperatures up to 140°F. In just 48 minutes, raise a toast to spotlessly clean glasses!

Guess what? There’s another fantastic cycle below that is for more than just dishes. Check it out!


Who thought you could wash fruits in a dishwasher? The FRUIT cycle is all set to clean your fruits and root veggies with a gentle touch at 95°F. In a mere 18 minutes, enjoy freshly washed produce! Cheers to healthy eating!

A small photo of IAGREEA IA-DW01 dishwasher.

IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher

The Competitive Edge Of IAGREEA IA-DW01 In The Market

Ready to discover the secret sauce of IAGREEA IA-DW01? Come along, and let’s dive into why everyone’s raving about it!

Attractive Compact Size

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 boasts a size that’s both convenient and stylish, with its dimensions perfect for those tight on space. At 16.9 inches in both height and width, it’s more compact than both the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 and the FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01, making it perfect for compact spaces like tiny homes or city apartments.

Lightweight Advantage

Weighing in at 25.4 pounds, the IAGREEA model is lighter than its competitors, especially compared to the hefty 34.2-pound FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01. This means easier portability and set-up, especially if you move it around frequently.

Unique Transparent Window Design

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 features a transparent window that allows you to peek into your wash cycle. While other models also offer transparency, this design enhances the aesthetic of the appliance, making it feel modern and fresh.

Energy Consumption

With an energy consumption rate of 950 watts, the IAGREEA model stands toe-to-toe with the FIREGAS and Ecozy models. This ensures that you’re not overpaying on your electricity bills.

Versatile Loading Options

While the number of place settings isn’t specified for the IAGREEA model, it stands out by providing cutlery, dishes, and fruit baskets. This flexible loading option can be a game-changer for users looking for versatile washing capabilities.

Variety of Wash Cycles

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 offers six distinct wash cycles, two more than its competitors. The added cycles, especially “INFANT” for baby cutlery and “GLASS” for delicate items, provide more tailored washing options for a wider range of dishes.

High Temperature Drying

With its high-temperature drying, the IAGREEA ensures dishes are not just clean but also dry and ready to be stored. It matches the sanitization temperatures of the AIRMSEN and FIREGAS models, ensuring a thorough clean.

Robust 360° Spray Arm

The 360° spray arm in the IAGREEA IA-DW01 ensures water reaches every corner of the dishwasher, giving your dishes a comprehensive clean. It’s on par with the spraying mechanisms of FIREGAS and Ecozy models, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Safety with Water Leakage Proof

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 has a unique feature – Water Leakage Proof. This safety feature is great for those who want peace of mind knowing that their appliance won’t cause water damage.

Competitive Pricing for Great Features

Priced at $229.49, the IAGREEA IA-DW01 is more affordable than the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 and considerably cheaper than the Ecozy ‎DW-CT200A. Given its features and capabilities, it offers impressive value for money.

Who Needs This Compact Dishwasher?

Busy Families

The IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher is perfect for busy families who need quick and efficient handling of their daily dish loads. Its compact design easily fits into most kitchens. With impressive 7-wash cycle options, families can choose from various settings to match their needs. From the SPEEDY 28-minute cycle for lightly soiled dishes to the INFANT mode, which ensures baby cutlery is sterilized, there’s a solution for every situation. Plus, the fruit wash function is an added bonus, letting families clean their fruits and veggies directly in the dishwasher!

Small Apartment Dwellers

With its compact size of 16.9 inches in height width and depth of 16.5 inches, this dishwasher is ideal for those living in small apartments or studio spaces. Despite its size, it boasts a significant capacity, holding various plates, glasses, and cutlery. The transparent window is a stylish touch, letting users watch as their dishes get cleaned. Moreover, its countertop design means no complicated installations, and it connects easily to most faucets. Say goodbye to hand-washing every dish and hello to convenience!

Eco-conscious Users

For those who are mindful of their water and energy consumption, the ECO mode is a game-changer. This cycle is designed for everyday loads but operates longer to conserve water and energy. Using only 1.58 gallons of water and 0.5 kWh of energy, it’s a green choice that doesn’t compromise cleaning power. Plus, the dishwasher’s high-temperature drying ensures that dishes come out spotless and dry, all while being environmentally friendly.

College Students

College life is hectic, and students often don’t have the time to wash dishes by hand. Enter the IAGREEA Countertop Dishwasher. With a SPEEDY cycle that completes in just 28 minutes and an easy-to-use LED touch screen, even the most tech-savvy students will find it user-friendly. The transparent window also adds a fun element, allowing them to watch the cleaning magic happen in real time. Plus, the price tag of $229.49 is affordable, making it a worthwhile investment for those years of study.

Cooking Enthusiasts

People who love cooking but dread the aftermath of dirty dishes will find solace in this dishwasher. Its HEAVY mode is tailored for dishes that are tough to wash, ensuring that even stubborn food stains are tackled. The 360° spray arm ensures all corners of the loaded dishes are reached, while the detachable filter makes maintenance a breeze. And for those days when they’re trying out dessert recipes? The dishwasher can comfortably hold dessert plates, bowls, and more, ensuring the kitchen remains clean and clutter-free.

Health-conscious Individuals

For those who prioritize health and hygiene, the fruit wash cycle is an outstanding feature. It not only cleans but also soaks fruits, ensuring they’re thoroughly cleaned and ready to eat directly from the dishwasher. Moreover, with the high-temperature drying feature, dishes and cutlery are not just cleaned but also sanitized, offering peace of mind every time.

Elderly or Those with Physical Limitations

Hand-washing dishes can be a challenging task for older people or those with physical limitations. This dishwasher offers a convenient and efficient solution. Its countertop design means no bending down to load or unload. With touch controls and a visible LED screen, operating it is straightforward. Plus, the clamshell top cover design ensures easy accessibility, making cleaning dishes less of a chore and more of a delight.

A small photo of IAGREEA IA-DW01 dishwasher.

IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher

Who Can Skip Considering This Dishwasher?

Large Households

People from large families or households might find this dishwasher inadequate for their needs. Given its loading capacity, which details that it can only accommodate a specific number of dishes, such as 1 melamine bowl, 4 dessert plates, 1 mug, and so forth, it’s evident that it won’t handle a large number of dishes from bigger families. This might lead to running multiple cycles, which is inconvenient and could be more time-consuming than manual washing.

Eco-conscious Individuals

The IAGREEA dishwasher is not Energy Star-rated. People who are eco-conscious or prioritize energy efficiency might avoid this model in favor of one that has an Energy Star rating. Energy Star appliances generally use 10-50% less energy than their non-rated counterparts. By choosing an appliance without this rating, users could face higher electricity bills and a larger carbon footprint.

People with Limited Counter Space

This model is a countertop dishwasher. Those living in compact spaces, like tiny homes, studio apartments, or any living situation where counter space is at a premium, may not have the luxury to dedicate space for this appliance. Its dimensions, particularly its height and width, both being 16.9 inches, could occupy a significant chunk of valuable counter real estate.

Tech Enthusiasts

Tech enthusiasts who enjoy integrating their home appliances with smart home systems might not find this dishwasher appealing. It lacks Wi-Fi capabilities and isn’t compatible with home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. For someone who enjoys commanding their devices via voice or remote access, this might be a letdown.

People in Areas with Hard Water

The IAGREEA dishwasher doesn’t have a built-in water softener capability. People living in regions with hard water could face issues since hard water can leave spots and film on dishes after washing. Over time, it can also lead to calcium buildup in the appliance, impacting its longevity and performance.

Parents of Young Kids

Safety is often a concern for parents, especially those with young kids who are naturally curious. This model lacks a child lock safety feature. As a result, there’s a potential risk of kids accidentally starting a cycle or tampering with the machine, leading to possible mishaps or damage.

Those Looking for Quiet Operation

While a noise level of 55 dB is reasonably standard for many dishwashers, some modern dishwashers operate at a quieter range, around 40-45 dB. Individuals sensitive to noise or prioritize a quiet kitchen environment, especially if the living and dining areas are open-concept, might prefer a quieter machine.

Dish Collectors with Larger Plates

People who own or collect larger dinnerware, especially plates larger than 10 inches, won’t find this dishwasher suitable. The IAGREEA model specifically notes a 10-inch maximum plate size, making it unsuitable for those with oversized or unique dinnerware sets.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of IAGREEA IA-DW01


Compact and Space-Saving Design

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 dishwasher boasts a compact design with 16.9 inches in height, width, and a depth of 16.5 inches. This makes it perfect for those with limited kitchen space, like in small apartments or dorm rooms. It’s a countertop model, so there’s no need to worry about complex installation processes!

See-Through Viewing Window

This dishwasher has a transparent window, allowing you to peek inside and watch the cleaning magic happen. It’s a unique feature that can be fun and ensures your dishes are thoroughly cleaned.

Versatile Wash Cycles

The variety of wash cycles ensures you’ll find the perfect one, from heavy-duty cleaning to a speedy wash. And if you have babies at home? There’s a cycle just for baby cutlery. Plus, there’s even a unique fruit wash for your fresh produce.

Low Water Consumption

For those conscious about water usage, this dishwasher only consumes 6 liters per cycle. This means you can have sparkling dishes without excessive water waste. A win for your wallet and the environment!

No Special Installation Needed

Say goodbye to complicated installations. This dishwasher is freestanding, which means you place it on your counter, plug it in, and you’re good to go. No need to hire professionals or fiddle with plumbing.

Quiet Operation

Noise can be a deal-breaker, but this dishwasher operates at 55 dB. That’s about the sound level of a quiet conversation. So you can run it without disturbing your peace or your neighbors.

LED Touch Screen Display

The angled LED touchscreen not only looks sleek but also enhances usability. With clear icons and settings, selecting your desired wash cycle is a breeze.

Specialized Baskets for Various Items

Whether it’s cutlery, dishes, or fruits, the specialized baskets ensure everything has its place. This results in better cleaning efficiency and prevents damage to your delicate items.

High-Temperature Drying

No one likes wet, drippy dishes. Thankfully, this dishwasher uses high-temperature drying, ensuring that your dishes come out dry and ready to use or store.

Water Leakage Proof Technology

Peace of mind is important, and with the water leakage-proof feature, you won’t have to constantly check for puddles. This dishwasher keeps the water where it should be – inside, cleaning your dishes.

Detachable Filter for Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for any appliance. The detachable filter feature ensures that cleaning the dishwasher is as hassle-free as using it.

Practical for Fruits and Veggies

This dishwasher comes with a fruit basket, allowing you to wash and soak fruits and vegetables. It’s a multi-purpose appliance that caters to all your kitchen cleaning needs.

Energy Efficient Cycles

While it’s not Energy Star rated, the dishwasher offers cycles like ECO, which use less energy, making it a friendly choice for the environment and your electricity bill.

Unique Clamshell Door Design

The top cover (clamshell) door design is not just about aesthetics. It ensures that loading and unloading your dishes is straightforward and hassle-free.

Wide Compatibility with Detergents

Whether you’re a fan of pods, powder, or tablets, this dishwasher has got you covered. Flexibility in detergent choice means you can select what works best for you.

Automatic Water Supply and 360° Spray Arm

No need to stand around filling up the dishwasher. The automatic water supply paired with the 360° spray arm ensures your dishes get a comprehensive clean from every angle.

Fresh Air Circulation

Nobody likes musty odors. The internal air circulation system in this dishwasher ensures that moisture and odors are kept at bay, giving you fresh-smelling dishes every time.


Not Energy Star Rated

While many modern appliances come with Energy Star ratings that ensure they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, this IAGREEA model isn’t one of them. This means it might consume more energy and water than Energy Star-rated models, which could increase utility bills over time.

Single Rack Design

The dishwasher only has one rack, limiting the amount of dishes it can wash at a time. For households that generate a lot of dishes, this could mean multiple cycles or hand-washing extras.

No Adjustable Rack Height

The need for adjustable height for the rack can make it challenging to fit larger items. If you have a taller pot or dish, it might not fit comfortably, making it less versatile than some other models.

Cycle Status Indicator Missing

Not having a cycle status indicator can be inconvenient. With it, users might know how much time is left or what stage the wash is at, leading to potential interruptions or inefficient use.

No Soil Sensor

Some high-end dishwashers have soil sensors that detect how dirty the dishes are and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. Without this, there’s potential for over-washing clean dishes or under-washing very dirty ones.

ABS Finish

ABS is a type of plastic. While durable, it might have a different premium look or feel than stainless steel or other materials. Over time, plastic might discolor or scratch more easily.

Lack of Connectivity Features

Smart features are becoming more common in appliances. The absence of Wi-Fi connectivity or compatibility with home assistants might be a missed opportunity for those who prefer integrated smart homes.

No Child Lock

Safety first! For households with curious kiddos, not having a child lock could be a concern. It prevents kids from accidentally starting the machine or opening it mid-cycle.

Limited Special Features

This model lacks features like a hard food disposer, rinse aid indicator, or built-in water softener. These features can enhance the washing experience by ensuring dishes are spot-free, and the machine operates smoothly in various water conditions.

Max Plate Size of 10 inches

A restriction to a 10-inch plate size might be limiting for some users. If you often use larger plates or platters, they might not fit in this dishwasher, making it less convenient for certain dishware.

No Auto Door for Natural Drying

Natural drying can be energy-efficient. Without an auto door opening feature, the dishes might remain moist for longer, potentially leading to spots or odors.

Drawer-style Door Design

The top cover (clamshell) design might not be convenient for everyone, especially those used to traditional pull-down doors. It requires clear overhead space to open and might be tricky in tighter spaces or under some countertops.

Limited Loading Capacity Details

With a clear indication of the number of place settings, it’s easier for a buyer to gauge how much they can fit per wash cycle. This could make it challenging to compare with other models or determine if it meets specific household needs.

No Delay Start Timer

A delay start timer is handy for running the dishwasher at preferred times, like during off-peak electricity hours. With it, users have more flexibility when running their wash cycles.

Alternatives to IAGREEA IA-DW01

Let’s get to know some cool dishwasher alternatives!

First up is the AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03. This isn’t just pretty to look at with its transparent dual-layer glass door, but it also knows how to take care of your dishes. Offering four standard place settings, it can handle dishes up to 12 inches at an angle. It also boasts a cutlery tray and two rotating spray arms with 14 water ports each. Worried about the electric bill? This dishwasher’s energy consumption is just 142 kilowatt-hours per year. Although priced slightly higher than our reviewed dishwasher, the LED touchscreen display and an impressive 50 dB noise level make it a deal you might not want to miss. Read more about this model in our comprehensive AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher Review.

Next, meet FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01. With a transparent window and touch panel, this dishwasher can manage 4 place settings and clean your 11-inch dishes effortlessly. While the price is comparable to the AIRMSEN, what makes it unique is its 167°F high-temperature sterilization. If you’re worried about noise, don’t be! This one’s as quiet as a whisper at 50 dB. Read more about this model in our comprehensive FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 Dishwasher Review.

Lastly, there’s Ecozy ‎DW-CT200A. This is the Rolls Royce of dishwashers, priced higher than our reviewed one. It might be a bit more compact with its 2-place setting, but it ensures your dishes are squeaky clean with its 360° spray arm. Plus, its noise level is a dream at just 48 dB. Also, if you ever feel like washing fruits, it covers you with its rinse/fruit cycle. Cool, right? Read more about this model in our comprehensive Ecozy ‎DW-CT200A Dishwasher Review.

A small photo of AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 dishwasher.

AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Dishwasher

A small photo of FIREGAS FGS-TDQR01 dishwasher.


A small photo of Ecozy ‎DW-CT200A dishwasher.

Ecozy ‎DW-CT200A Dishwasher

Final Thoughts on IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher Review

Concluding our journey with the IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher, this model is a standout choice. Its sleek white and gray design is a perfect match for any countertop, thanks to its compact dimensions of 16.9 inches in height and width. Space efficiency is key here; it comfortably accommodates 10-inch plates and includes specialized cutlery, dishes, and fruit baskets.

The dishwasher offers six versatile wash cycles, catering to everything from delicate glassware to baby dishes, ensuring gentle, effective cleaning. The 360° spray arm is a highlight, reaching every corner for a thorough wash. And when it comes to drying, it employs high-temperature heat to leave your dishes completely dry, eliminating the hassle of damp dishware. Operating at a quiet 55 dB won’t disrupt your home’s peace.

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a robust, efficient kitchen ally. Ready to elevate your dishwashing experience? The IAGREEA IA-DW01 is waiting to transform your daily chore into a breeze.

To explore more model reviews, check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Reviews for more choices.

A small photo of IAGREEA IA-DW01 dishwasher.

IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size and weight of the IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher?

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher measures 16.9 inches in height and width and 16.5 inches in depth. It weighs 25.4 pounds.

Can I see the dishes while they are being washed?

Yes! The IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher has a transparent window, letting you watch your dishes as they’re cleaned.

What types of dishes can I fit inside, and how many? 

The dishwasher can hold plates up to 10 inches and has baskets for cutlery, dishes, and fruits. The exact number varies by dish type.

How does this dishwasher clean and dry the dishes?

It uses a 360° spray arm for cleaning and dries dishes using high-temperature drying.

What are some of the wash cycles available? 

The IAGREEA IA-DW01 offers 6 wash cycles for dishes like HEAVY, NORM, ECO, SPEEDY, INFANT, and GLASS. It also has a unique cycle for fruits.

Do I need special detergent for this dishwasher?

No, both pods and powder detergents are suitable. Just remember to use detergent tablets for longer cycles.

Is there any safety feature to prevent water leaks?

Absolutely! The IAGREEA IA-DW01 Dishwasher has a water leakage-proof feature, ensuring no spills or leaks.

Mastering Dishwasher Use and Care

Embark on a journey to become a dishwasher expert with our extensive guide. Delve into detailed instructions, professional advice, and answers to frequent dishwasher questions. Start your adventure to dishwasher mastery today!

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