Embrace Easy Cleanup – Ventray DW50 Dishwasher Review

by | Last updated Nov 30, 2023

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Discover the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher – a kitchen appliance that stands out for its exceptional dishwashing abilities. Let’s explore!

Imagine enjoying a peaceful evening meal without the dreadful reminder of the ‘whoosh’ and ‘hum’ of a working dishwasher in the backdrop. With a deficient noise level of just 58 dB, the Ventray DW50 promises a whisper-quiet operation, ensuring your kitchen conversations stay uninterrupted and cozy. It’s not merely a dishwasher; it’s a two-place setting wonder with five different wash cycles, embracing everything from your delicate glasses to the most stubbornly soiled pots! Child lock safety feature is a true unsung hero for families with curious little explorers on a journey around the house.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher Review and discover the wonders of this small yet efficient kitchen helper. Discover the secrets of a powerful kitchen appliance that combines convenience, safety, and top-tier performance. Join us on a journey to impeccable cleanliness and serenity – it’s a ride worth staying for!

Early Verdict

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4.3 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

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4.3 Users Rating

Performance Indicators:

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A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of Ventray DW50 in compressed form.


  • Compact and Conveniently Portable
  • Variety in Washing Programs
  • Effective 360° Spray Arms
  • High-Temperature Cleaning
  • Safety with Child Lock
  • Delay Start Function


  • No Energy Star Rating
  • Limited Loading Capacity
  • Lacks Soil Sensor Feature
  • Absence of Advanced Technology Features

Performance Evaluation

Our experts at WashDryDazzle have conducted a hands-on Performance Evaluation of Ventray DW50. We’ve tested this compact dishwashing champ and noted down all the details just for you. Together, let’s uncover whether Ventray DW50 delivers a dazzling clean. Join us and make finding your next dishwasher a breeze!

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Price and Design (4.4/5)

Ventray DW50 prides itself on a compact, portable design and an affordable price point of $399.99. Tailored for small kitchens, apartments, dorms, or even RVs, it offers 2 place settings within its petite frame of 17.32 x 16.26 x 16.69 inches and 38.5 lbs. The white exterior and transparent window add a neat and visually pleasing aspect to its overall aesthetic.

Cleaning Performance (4.5/5)

With five wash cycles, Ventray offers adaptable cleaning options for different dishware needs, including Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast, and Glass. This puts it ahead of most competitors, such as COSTWAY, which only offers four wash cycles. The spotlight shines on its 360° spray arms, ensuring all corners of your dishware get impeccable attention and a pristine wash. The 158℉ High-Temp Clean is a standout feature, robustly tackling heavy oil and stubborn stains.

Drying Performance (4.1/5)

Although it doesn’t host a hot air drying mechanism, the Ventray DW50 rinses dishes with hot water at the cycle’s end, aiding in quicker natural drying. Considering the size and price, it does a noteworthy job of ensuring your dishes aren’t left soaking.

Noise Level (4.3/5)

Ventray maintains a moderate noise level at 58 dB, ensuring your dishwashing sessions aren’t an auditory inconvenience. Given its compact size, this noise level does not disrupt a peaceful home environment, making it friendly for quiet spaces or night-time washing.

Energy Efficiency (4.1/5)

While specific Energy Star rating information is unavailable, it operates on a manageable 0.53 Kilowatt hour, and its various cycles offer different water consumptions, ranging from 5.2L to 6.9L. It’s relatively eco-friendly, considering its size and capability.

Water Usage (4.2/5)

With precise water consumption for each cycle, ranging from 5.2L (Fast wash) to 6.9L (Daily, Intense, and Glass), Ventray judiciously uses water without compromising cleaning quality. The detailed breakdown per cycle exhibits its commitment to transparency and efficient water usage.

Cycle Time (4.3/5)

Offering five different cycles, each with its own time frame, Ventray DW50 is designed for versatility, from a speedy 35-minute Fast wash to a detailed 145-minute Eco wash, catering to various user needs and time availabilities.

Loading Capacity (4.1/5)

Designed to accommodate 2 place settings and featuring a single rack and cutlery basket, its petite size doesn’t allow for vast loading. However, it stands out in the compact dishwasher category, making the most of its confined space effectively.

Safety Features (4.4/5)

If you have young children at home, you’ll appreciate that the Ventray has a child lock feature that keeps little fingers safe and prevents cycle interruptions. Unfortunately, this safety feature is unavailable in most competitors, such as the COSTWAY, which lacks this feature.

Reliability and Durability (4.1/5)

Constructed from resilient materials like Polypropylene (PP) and ABS for the main body, with a dual-layer window of Glass and Acrylic, this dishwasher promises a sturdy, reliable presence in your kitchen, backed by a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

Essential Feature Highlights

A kitchen image with Ventray DW50 dishwasher on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Dimension, Design & Price

Explore the sleek, white Ventray Dishwasher, an elegant addition to your kitchen, available for just $399.99, ensuring clean dishes with a touch of style!

Height17.32 inches
Width16.69 inches
Depth16.26 inches
Weight38.5 pounds
Touch or Tactile ControlsTouch Panel
Type (Built-in or Under-counter, Portable with Wheels, Countertop)Counter Top
Finish Type / MaterialPolypropylene (PP), ABS

Performance & Utility

With 5 versatile wash cycles, the Ventray Dishwasher efficiently tackles varied cleaning needs, providing sparkling results while ensuring optimal performance and utility in your cleaning routine!

Water Consumption6.9 L for Daily Cycle
Estimated Energy Consumption / Wattage0.53 Kilowatt Hours
Voltage Required120 Volts (AC)
Noise Level (dB)58 dB
Number of Wash Cycles for Dishes5 (Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast wash, Glass)
Number of Spray Arms2
Targeted washing zones360° Spray Arms
Does it rinse dishes with hot water at the end of the cycle?Yes

Features, Safety & Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a robust set of features and a 1-year warranty, ensuring your dishwasher serves you splendidly with secure and reliable operation!

Delay start timerUp to 24 hours
Child lock – Safety FeatureChild Lock
Leak or Overflow ProtectionNo
Warranty Duration12 Months

Capacity & Layout

Discover convenient washing with a single, efficiently designed rack, making your dishwashing experience smooth and uncomplicated in this compact appliance!

Number of Place Settings2
Number of Racks1 Rack
Special Utensil Holders or BasketsCutlery Basket

Detailed Wash Cycles

Let’s talk about magic cleaning circles, aka wash cycles! Every cycle is like a mini-adventure, specially made to tackle different types of mess, ensuring your dishes always come out sparkling and happy!


The Eco cycle is a friend to the planet and your dishes! Using only a teeny-tiny 5.5L of water and taking its sweet time of 145 minutes ensures your dishes come out sparkling clean with minimal resources. Let’s save the Earth, one Eco wash at a time!


Here’s a superstar for your everyday! The Daily cycle, with its 6.9L of water and a swift 60-minute runtime, guarantees your daily dish messes don’t stand a chance. Perfect for a quick, efficient, and shiny cleanup!


Say bye-bye to stubborn grime with the Intense cycle! In a 120-minute journey and using 6.9L of water, this cycle shows those tough, stuck-on food bits who are boss. Let’s power through that greasy aftermath together!

Fast Wash

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 35 minutes, the Fast Wash cycle uses just 5.2L of water to get your lightly soiled dishes party-ready again! It’s the superhero speed we all need during those unexpected guest visits.


Trust the Glass cycle to tenderly care for your delicate glasses, ensuring a 90-minute pampering session with 6.9L of water. Let your glassware twinkle and shine, reflecting the sparkle of your lovely home!

A small photo of Ventray DW50 dishwasher.

Ventray DW50 Dishwasher

The Competitive Edge Of VENTRAY DW50 In The Market

Come on a fun journey to discover why everyone loves the VENTRAY DW50! Let’s explore together all the cool secrets that make it a superstar in the market!

Efficient and Versatile Washing Cycles

The Ventray DW50 dishwasher has a total of 5 practical washing cycles that cater to various dishwashing needs. Compared to COSTWAY EP24717US and Farberware FDW05ASBWHA, which also offer five cycles, DW50 includes a “Glass” wash that optimally cleans and cares for delicate glassware. This specialized cycle stands out, ensuring your delicate items are carefully washed.

Extended Delay Start Timer

Unlike its competitors, the Ventray DW50 offers an extensive delay start timer of up to 24 hours. This stands in stark contrast to ICUIRE ICD4WUP01 and the other models that do not provide this feature, making Ventray more adaptable to your schedule allowing you to plan your dishwashing at your convenience.

Effective High-Temperature Cleaning

Ventray DW50 ensures hygienic washing by employing a 158℉ High-Temp Clean, surpassing the ICUIRE ICD4WUP01, which reaches 160˚F but only in a specific cycle, and the COSTWAY EP24717US, which peaks at 149 °F. This ensures thorough cleaning and more effective sanitization of your dishes in every cycle.

Durable and Aesthetic Design Elements

With a white finish and a see-through transparent window, the Ventray DW50 offers aesthetic and functional appeal. While ICUIRE ICD4WUP01 does come with a transparent glass window, Ventray’s construction with ABS body and Glass + Acrylic window gives it a reliable and stylish edge.

Safeguarding Your Little Ones

Ventray DW50 features a Child Lock, a safety feature not in the other listed models. This feature is crucial for households with little explorers, ensuring that the dishwasher cannot be accidentally started or opened by curious little fingers, securing both the children and the dishwasher.

Compact and Balanced Dimensions

Despite its compact design, the Ventray DW50 does not compromise on internal space and usability. At 17.32 inches in height, 16.69 inches in width, and 16.26 inches in depth, it offers a slightly more compact design than the COSTWAY EP24717US while ensuring enough room for varied dishes.

Secure and Stable

While all models are countertop designs, Ventray DW50 is a freestanding unit. It does not require installation and can be placed and moved according to convenience. This, alongside the transparent window, allows for easy monitoring and flexibility in placement in your kitchen.

Emphasis on Sanitization

While some models like the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA have specific sanitization cycles, the Ventray DW50 ensures a high-temperature clean in every cycle, catering to the current health-conscious era where cleanliness and sanitization are pivotal.

Mindful of Your Peace

Ventray DW50 operates at a noise level of 58 dB, equivalent to normal conversation levels, ensuring it does not disrupt your household environment. Although ICUIRE ICD4WUP01 works slightly quieter at 55 dB, Ventray still ensures a relatively serene operation compared to many typical dishwashers.

Who Needs This Compact Dishwasher?

An image has a product picture on the right side and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" on the left. It is the image of the section "Who Needs Ventray DW50 Dishwasher."

Busy Professionals 

The Ventray DW50 dishwasher becomes the much-needed assistant for those bustling with meetings, projects, and deadlines. Compact, it’s ideal for those who have petite kitchens in their city apartments. With five washing programs, including a mere 35-minute Fast Wash cycle, you can have your dishes sparkling clean in between your video calls! Plus, a delightful delay start function allows you to schedule the wash at your convenience, ensuring your dishes are cleaned while you manage your hectic day.

Parents of Newborns and Toddlers

Its compact size and easy countertop placement make it a handy companion in your baby-caring journey. The robust 158℉ High-Temp Clean feature ensures that all those baby bottles and mini utensils come out sanitized, providing a hygienic feeding experience for your child. And for those sudden messes, the 360° Spray Arms ensure every nook and cranny of the dishes gets cleaned, while the Child Lock keeps little wandering fingers safe.

University Students in Dorms

The Ventray DW50, a light, compact, and portable dishwasher (38.5 lbs), will snugly fit into your limited dorm space. It holds 2 place tableware settings, enough to cover your meals without taking up study space. Moreover, with different water consumptions for various cycles, like just 5.5L for the Eco cycle, it’s eco-friendly and perfect for conscious young adults. And don’t worry if you have back-to-back classes; the delay start function ensures your dishes are cleaned while you gain that knowledge!

Solo Living City Dwellers

With the Ventray DW50, the solo dwellers get a compact, easy-to-install, and manage dishwasher without worrying about creating space or hiring help for installation. The 24-hour Delay Start Function allows you to return home to clean dishes after a long day at work or a fun night out. And if you decide to host a small gathering, the varying wash cycles, including Glass and Intense, ensure that all types of dishes are spotlessly and efficiently cleaned without you having to lift a finger!

RV Travelers and Adventure Seekers

The compact and portable design of this dishwasher makes it an ideal fit for your RV, ensuring you enjoy home-like clean dishes while on the road. Its powerful 360° Spray Arms ensure thorough cleaning of all your utensils, while the various washing programs like Eco and Fast Wash accommodate your diverse on-road cooking experiments. 

Minimalist Enthusiasts

With its neat design, white color, and essential features like 5 different wash cycles, this dishwasher keeps your living space clutter-free and your dishes squeaky clean. The low water consumption, such as 5.2L on Fast Wash, aligns with a minimalist and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The 12-month warranty assures you stay worry-free, and its straightforward, no-fuss installation means it’s ready to blend seamlessly into your minimalistic space and life.

Boat Owners and Enthusiasts

The Ventray DW50, with its compact size and sturdy design, fits perfectly into the limited kitchen spaces of your boats. The dishwasher, offering a variety of wash cycles like Intense and Glass, caters to your varied dining experiences on the water, ensuring every piece of tableware is spick and span.

A small photo of Ventray DW50 dishwasher.

Ventray DW50 Dishwasher

Who Can Skip Considering This Dishwasher?

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Large Families

The Ventray DW50 dishwasher, with its compact design and two-place settings, might not be the best fit for large families. While this compact size and its efficient use of space might be perfect for singles or couples living in small apartments, large families would find the 2-place setting capacity rather limiting. 

Professionals and Large-scale Cooks

Professional chefs, bakers, or individuals who often find themselves cooking in large quantities would likely find the DW50 to be somewhat impractical. Their work necessitates using various cooking utensils, pots, pans, and multiple plates – all of which would quickly overwhelm the DW50’s limited 2-place setting capacity. Its limited place settings and compact size would mean constant loading and unloading, disrupting the cooking and preparation flow that professionals critically need in their high-paced environments.

Tech Enthusiasts

For tech enthusiasts who adore smart homes and interconnected devices, the Ventray DW50 might fall short of expectations. Lacking Wi-Fi capabilities and compatibility with home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, it does not offer the modern conveniences that tech-savvy individuals often seek in their appliances. Those who revel in controlling their home devices remotely or via voice commands won’t find these beloved features in this model.

Environmentally Conscious Individuals

Although the Ventray DW50 has various programs with different water consumptions (ranging from 5.2L to 6.9L), it does not sport an Energy Star rating, which might raise eyebrows among environmentally conscious consumers. Such individuals or groups prioritize appliances recognized for their energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. 

People with Spacious Kitchens

In homes or settings where kitchen space is abundant and larger appliances are the norm, the compact and portable Ventray DW50 might seem a tad out of place. The aesthetic and utility of a kitchen can be significantly impacted by the scale and proportion of the appliances within it. For those with spacious culinary spaces, a larger dishwasher, likely with more features and higher capacity, would seamlessly blend into the environment while offering enhanced functionality and capacity.

The Silence Seekers

Individuals or environments that prioritize ultra-quiet appliances might find the 58 dB noise level of the Ventray DW50 a tad high for their liking. While not exceedingly loud, there are models available on the market that operate at lower decibels, providing a quieter dishwashing experience. For those living in small spaces, like studio apartments, where even a moderate operational hum could be distracting or disruptive, a quieter alternative might be sought.

Individuals Requiring Special Installation

Even though no special installation is required for the Ventray DW50, and it comes with straightforward setup instructions, some people might prefer a built-in or under-counter dishwasher for a seamless look in their kitchen. Individuals who seek a fixed appliance integrated into their cabinetry for aesthetic coherence would not opt for this freestanding countertop model. The nature of its design might not align with the desired streamlined visual of its kitchen space.

Households with Young Children

Despite the Ventray DW50 having a child lock safety feature, families with young, curious children might have reservations. Given its countertop positioning, it might be within reach of little hands, potentially leading to unintentional disruptions during operation or, conversely, an unintended cycle start. A dishwasher placed securely under a counter might be a preferred choice for such families, keeping controls safely out of the reach of youngsters.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of VENTRAY DW50

Image of a balance having a cross icon colored in red on the left side and a check icon colored in green on the right, depicting the section Pros and Cons.


Compact and Conveniently Portable

With its dimensions of 17.32 x 16.26 x 16.69 inches and a lightweight of 38.5 pounds, the Ventray DW50 brings forward the advantage of being easily transportable and conveniently compact. This means you can have a reliable dishwasher in small kitchens, apartments, dorm rooms, or mobile contexts like RVs and boats, providing flexibility and addressing varied user needs without demanding large spaces.

Variety in Washing Programs

Boasting 5 diverse washing programs (Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast Wash, and Glass), this dishwasher doesn’t just clean – it adapts to your specific dishwashing needs. The programs cater to different levels of dirt and types of utensils, providing a custom, careful, and resource-efficient clean for your dishes while giving you control to choose the most effective and suitable wash cycle based on your immediate requirements.

Effective 360° Spray Arms

The 360° rotating spray arms are a champ at reaching every nook and cranny of your dishes. This means even if your plates or utensils have tough, stuck-on grime, the dishwasher works hard to ensure they come out sparkly clean, ensuring that all items, regardless of their position in the rack, are meticulously cleaned.

High-Temperature Cleaning

The DW50 doesn’t just wash; it sanitizes! By heating water to 158℉, this little warrior ensures that your dishes aren’t just free from food but also from germs. It’s particularly beneficial for households with children, where sterilization of their utensils is crucial, offering a health-oriented approach in its functionality.

Water-Efficient Operation

Especially in regions where water conservation is vital, the varying water consumption levels (ranging from 5.2L to 6.9L) provide an eco-friendly feature. The ability to choose a washing program that consumes less water for lighter loads contributes to responsible water usage while still maintaining effective cleaning.

Quick and Handy Fast Wash Mode

With a cycle time of approximately 35 minutes, this mode is perfect for busy days with a tight schedule. It demonstrates a user-friendly approach towards diverse lifestyle dynamics.

User-Friendly Delay Start Function

The delay start function provides you with the autonomy to operate the dishwasher at your convenience. By allowing you to delay the start up to 24 hours, it helps in planning your dishwashing around your schedule, making sure that the operation doesn’t interfere with your active kitchen or relaxation times.

Safety with Child Lock

Safety first! The child lock feature ensures that little curious hands cannot interrupt the wash cycle or accidentally change the settings. This means the dishwasher is not just a kitchen appliance but a safe addition to homes with little explorers.

Transparent Window Design

A subtle yet delightful feature is the transparent window that allows you to peek inside during wash cycles. Not only does this satisfy your curiosity, but it also enables you to gauge the cycle’s progress, adding an extra layer of interaction and assurance to your user experience.

Ease of Installation

The step-by-step guide and inclusion of convenient connectors make installing this dishwasher a breeze. By facilitating a hassle-free setup through clear instructions and inclusive components, it ensures that the Ventray DW50 is not just easy to use but also to initiate, welcoming users of varied expertise levels to utilize the appliance confidently.


Limited Loading Capacity

The Ventray DW50 dishwasher has a notably limited loading capacity, holding merely 2 place settings. This makes it quite restrictive for users with more substantial washing needs. It would be impractical for households with more than two members or for occasions when guests are over, requiring multiple cycles to wash all dishes and thereby consuming more time and energy.

Absence of Advanced Technology Features

This model lacks innovative technology and connectivity features. Many modern dishwashers embrace the convenience of smart home technology, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. The absence of these features in the Ventray DW50 means users miss out on potential conveniences like remote control, usage tracking, and maintenance notifications.

Lack of Energy Star Rating

The absence of an Energy Star rating might raise eyebrows for eco-conscious shoppers. Many consumers seek appliances that have received this certification as it indicates that the product meets specific energy-efficiency criteria, offering potential savings on electricity bills and a reduced environmental impact.

Potential Noise Disturbance

A noise level of 58 dB might not be overly loud, but quieter models are available on the market. Especially in smaller living spaces, like apartments or open-plan homes, a more silent operation might be preferred to avoid disturbances during usage, particularly during social gatherings or quiet evenings.

Lacks Soil Sensor Feature

The absence of a soil sensor means the dishwasher may not automatically adjust its cycle based on how dirty the dishes are. This could lead to less efficient cleaning, as the same amount of water and energy is used whether the dishes are lightly soiled or heavily stained.

Removable Filter Attention Needed

The VENTRAY DW50 dishwasher is equipped with a removable filter, requiring periodic attention for cleaning. Unlike self-cleaning filters, this means you’ll have to remember to manually clear out any food debris to maintain optimal performance.

Limited Special Features

The lack of certain unique features, like a hard food disposer, rinse aid availability and indicator, or a built-in water softener, restricts the functionality and flexibility of this model. These features are crucial for enhancing the cleaning efficacy, maintaining optimal operational conditions, and safeguarding the dishwasher from potential damage due to hard water.

No Leak Protection

The non-inclusion of a leak or overflow protection might raise safety and damage concerns among potential buyers. Leak protection is crucial to prevent water damage to the home, and its absence might pose a risk, especially in living situations where the dishwasher operates unattended.

Alternatives to VENTRAY DW50

Let’s dive into some excellent alternatives to our reviewed dishwasher.

The COSTWAY EP24717US, a neat countertop dishwasher from Switzerland, boasts efficiency and easy usability! Imagine your dishes being sparkled clean with just the touch of a button. Despite its compact design and only 30 pounds, it holds 2 place settings. It accomplishes 4 specific wash cycles, even handling intensive washes for those stubborn, stuck-on messes. Remember the added perks of fruit washing and drying cycles to boot! All this at a price tag that’s friendlier to your wallet than our reviewed dishwasher, Ventray DW50. Read more about this model in our comprehensive The COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher Review.

Next up, ICUIRE ICD4WUP01, the exciting little dishwasher that comes all the way from China! This is a 3-4 place-setting wizard, which offers a delightful 7 wash cycles, catering to diverse needs from heavy-duty washing to gently caressing your fragile glasses. Be amazed at its ability to cater to infant needs, with dedicated cycles for baby items and fruit. Plus, the unit offers a serene operation with a noise level of 55 dB, ensuring your kitchen conversations remain uninterrupted. It’s a tad pricier, yet the extra functionalities might benefit you!

And then there’s the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA, a friendly U.S.-made kitchen companion that doesn’t just wash dishes but looks after your baby’s bottles and fresh produce, too. With a thorough baby care cycle, you can ensure the utmost hygiene for your little one’s utensils. Its compact design accommodates up to 12-inch plates. It offers 5 versatile wash cycles, making it a nifty choice for various kitchen needs. Moreover, the assurance comes with a solid 1-year warranty, all wrapped in a budget-friendly price, making it an exciting alternative!

A small photo of COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher.

COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher

A small photo of ICUIRE ICD4WUP01 dishwasher.

ICUIRE ICD4WUP01 Dishwasher

A small photo of Farberware FDW05ASBWHA dishwasher.

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Dishwasher

Final Thoughts on VENTRAY DW50 Dishwasher Review

This petite, white beauty is not only a space-saver with its compact size of 17.32 x 16.69 x 16.26 inches but also a silent worker, humbly doing its job at a mere 58 dB. With 2 place settings within a single rack and a handy cutlery basket, your precious dishes and utensils are cared for gently through 5 wash cycles, ensuring every crumb and stain is lovingly washed away with only 6.9L of water per daily cycle! It’s smart, too! The Ventray DW50 lets you plan with a 24-hour delay start timer and protects your little ones with a child lock.

Embrace a new era of convenient and efficient dishwashing; after all, the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher, priced at a friendly $399.99, is an investment in freeing up your time and ensuring clean, safe dishware for every meal. Be ready to welcome a hassle-free, whisper-quiet, and splendidly efficient helper into your kitchen today!

To explore more model reviews, check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Reviews for more choices.

A small photo of Ventray DW50 dishwasher.

Ventray DW50 Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How big is the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher, and can it be moved easily?

The Ventray DW50 is a compact dishwasher with dimensions 17.32 x 16.26 x 16.69 inches, and it weighs 38.5 pounds, making it pretty portable and ideal for small spaces!

How many wash cycle options does the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher offer, and can I use it for various washing needs?

Absolutely, the Ventray DW50 offers 5 different wash cycles – Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast wash, and Glass, catering to a variety of your dishwashing needs.

Does the Ventray DW50 offer a high-temperature cleaning option to remove stubborn stains?

Yes! The Ventray DW50 Dishwasher can heat up the water to 158℉, helping to quickly dissolve heavy oil and stubborn stains for a thorough clean.

What is the water consumption for each wash cycle in the Ventray DW50?

The Ventray DW50 consumes different amounts per cycle: Eco uses 5.5L, Daily, and Intense uses 6.9L, Fast wash uses 5.2L, and Glass also uses 6.9L.

Is there a way to delay the wash cycle on the Ventray DW50 Dishwasher?

Indeed, the Ventray DW50 has a delay start function, which allows you to delay the start of a wash program by up to 24 hours.

Can I add more dishes while the Ventray DW50 is already running a wash cycle?

Yes, if you open the door slowly or press the pause button, you can add more dishes during a cycle with the Ventray DW50.

How do I install and connect the Ventray DW50 to start using it?

Simply connect the inlet and outlet hoses using the provided connectors and ensure secure connections before starting your dishwashing with the Ventray DW50.

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