COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher Review and Its Surprising Features!

by | Last updated Oct 20, 2023

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In today’s bustling world, we’re always on the lookout for devices that bring convenience and efficiency to our kitchens. Enter the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher Review – a countertop marvel that’s not just compact but power-packed with incredible features. With the ability to accommodate up to 2 place settings, it’s ideal for those quick clean-ups after a cozy dinner for two.

The model boasts not only a nifty child lock feature for the safety of your little ones but also offers a choice of 4 standard wash cycles, whether it’s your regular plates, fragile glassware, or even the unique addition of a fruit cycle! So, if you’re wondering if this could be the dishwasher of your dreams, stick around. We’ll dive deep into every nook and cranny of the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW in this review. And by the end, you’ll know if it’s the right fit for your kitchen adventures. Ready? Let’s explore!

Early Verdict

A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.3 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

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4.3 Users Rating

Performance Indicators:

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of COMFEE CDC17P2AWW.
A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of COMFEE CDC17P2AWW in compressed form.


• Flexible and hassle-free installation.
• Compact design with spacious interior.
• 4 crockery and 1 fruit cleaning cycle.
• Auto open drying mechanism.
• Child lock and leak protection.
• Affordable with value-added features.


• Plastic made without stainless steel interior.
• A bit louder than other competitors.
• No WIFI or Smart Home Connectivity
• Not Energy Star Rated

Performance Evaluation

Our excellent team at WashDryDazzle took the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW for a spin. Why? We wanted to give you the scoop on how it truly performs. We believe that you deserve to make choices backed by solid facts. So, if you’re curious about this dishwasher’s real deal, you’re in the right place. Stick with us, and we’ll unveil its highs and lows. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

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Design and Controls (4.5/5)

The COMFEE CDC17P2AWW is sleek and modern in its “Whole White” hue. It’s compact enough to fit on most countertops with dimensions of 18.3″ in height, 16.53″ in width, and 17.13″ in depth. The touch panel and LED digital display elevate its design, giving users a clear view and easy control.

Cleaning Performance (4.7/5)

Boasting 4 distinct wash cycles – NORMAL, RAPID, HYGIENE, and GLASS – this dishwasher promises flexibility for different dish needs. Plus, with its unique FRUIT cycle, you can even wash those juicy apples and grapes. Its 360° full-rotating spray ensures each dish gets the attention it needs.

Drying Performance (4.3/5)

Forget towel drying! The CDC17P2AWW features an AUTO-OPEN mechanism combined with a built-in turbofan. This lets out steam and speeds up drying, ensuring your dishes are ready for the cupboard.

Noise Level (4.0/5)

At 62 dB, this dishwasher isn’t the quietest, but it’s also not the loudest. It’s somewhere in the middle, making it perfect for day-to-day usage without causing too much disturbance. It is, however, a bit noisier than some of its competitors, such as the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01, which is significantly quieter! The ChuMaste operates at a noise level of 49 dB, 13 dB quieter than the COMFEE. 

Energy Efficiency (3.9/5)

Though not Energy Star rated, it’s still eco-friendly. Consuming just 150 kilowatt-hours annually, it’s quite efficient. And with a water consumption rate of 1.58 gallons per hour, it’s kind to both the planet and your bills.

Water Usage (4.5/5)

A standout feature is its water efficiency. Using only 6L per wash cycle, it reduces water consumption by a staggering 80%, making it both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

Cycle Time (4.5/5)

With cycles ranging from a swift 20 minutes for fruit to a thorough 130 minutes for the NORMAL cycle, there’s a timeframe to suit every need.

Loading Capacity (4.1/5)

Though petite, its design is efficient, accommodating 2 place settings in a single load. Plus, with adjustable racks and special baskets, organization is a breeze.

Safety Features (4.4/5)

Safety first! It comes equipped with a child lock to keep curious little fingers safe. Additionally, leak protection ensures peace of mind, preventing any water mishaps. Many of its competitors, such as ChuMaste CM-XWJ01, do not have child locks. 

Reliability and Durability (4.2/5)

Constructed mainly of durable plastic, its build promises longevity. While metal components might’ve added to its lifespan, for its price point, the quality is commendable.

Essential Feature Highlights

Three and two-dimensional images showing the product's dimensions (i.e., Height, Width, and Depth).

Dimension, Design & Price

Our countertop COMFEE CDC17P2AWW dishwasher has a sleek design and affordability, priced at just $320. Experience elegance combined with compact efficiency for your kitchen.

Weight41.3 pounds
ColorWhole White
Finish Type / MaterialPlastic
TypeCounter Top

Performance & Utility

Harness the power of our dishwasher with 4 specialized wash cycles. Dive into efficiency and versatility tailored to meet diverse cleaning needs.

Water Consumption1.58 Gallons per Hour
Estimated Energy Consumption150 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Voltage Required120 Volts
Noise Level (dB)62 dB
Number of Wash Cycles for Crockery4 wash cycles (NORMAL, RAPID, HYGIENE, GLASS)
Additional Cycles other than Washing Crockery1 (Fruit)
Number of Spray Arms2 (Upper and Lower)
Targeted washing zones360° full-rotating spray

Features, Safety & Warranty

Enjoy intuitive touch controls while ensuring your family’s safety with the essential Child Lock feature. Dive into a blend of innovation and peace of mind.

Touch or Tactile ControlsTouch Panel
Child lock – Safety FeatureChild Lock
Leak or Overflow Protection – Safety FeatureLeak Protection
Warranty Duration1 Year Limited Warranty

Capacity & Layout

Optimized for compact living, our dishwasher comfortably fits 2 Place Settings. Explore a thoughtfully designed interior, ensuring every inch counts. Perfect for modern lifestyles.

Number of Place Settings2 Place Settings
Number of Racks1 Rack
Special Utensil Holders or BasketsFruit Basket, Tableware Basket

Detailed Wash Cycles

Here are the programs tailored to tackle dirty dishes. Every cycle is crafted precisely to address varying dirt and marks, guaranteeing the best cleaning and care for your dishes.

Program: NORMAL

Hey there! Want a go-to wash for everyday dishes? Choose our NORMAL program. It’s like the superhero for your usual dinner mess. It’s not only great at cleaning but is super smart in using water and energy. Just set it, relax, and in 130 minutes, your dishes will be sparkling clean and dry.

Program: RAPID

In a hurry? Got lightly dirty dishes? RAPID’s your buddy! In just 40 minutes, it gives your dishes a warm bath and triple rinse. Perfect for when you’re on the go!

Program: Baby Care

Babies deserve extra care, right? Our Baby Care cycle ensures their bottles are squeaky clean. With some added steam magic, it washes at a cozy 158°F and rises even warmer. In just 120 minutes, your baby’s bottles are safe and ready for use. A little hug for your little one!

Program: GLASS

Delicate glasses need a gentle touch. Our GLASS program treats them like royalty. It keeps things cool at 122°F and wraps up even cooler at 140°F. So in 115 minutes, your glassware comes out gleaming, without a scratch. Cheers to that!

Along with those, here’s an extra program that’s not just for cleaning dishes.

Program: FRUIT

Fresh fruit coming up! With our FRUIT program, give your fruits a quick 20-minute refresh. Just add cold water, and let the machine do its thing. It’s a splashy spa day for your apples and oranges!

A small photo of COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW dishwasher.

COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher

The Competitive Edge Of COMFEE CDC17P2AWW In The Market

Let’s dive into what sets COMFEE CDC17P2AWW apart in the market. Come along as we uncover the secrets of its widespread acclaim!

Advanced Drying Features

The COMFEE CDC17P2AWW offers an “Auto-Open & Enhanced Drying” feature. This ensures dishes come out dry and reduces the need for manual drying. This innovation needs to be added to its competitors, such as Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 and Ventray DW50.

Dedicated Baby Care Program

This dishwasher features a “Baby Care” cycle, ideal for washing baby bottles at a hot 158°F, ensuring utmost hygiene. 

Child Lock Safety Feature

Prioritizing safety, COMFEE incorporates a child lock feature, a must-have for households with little ones. This is an edge over its competitors, such as ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 models.

Enhanced Leak Protection

Safety first! The COMFEE dishwasher provides a leak protection feature, ensuring peace of mind against potential water damage.

Extended Warranty Duration

With a 1-year limited warranty, COMFEE offers reliable backup if any issues arise. This assurance is on par with competitors, but COMFEE stands out with its long-standing market reputation.

Generous Loading Capacity

Despite being compact, the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW can accommodate up to 2 place settings, making it competitive in terms of space utilization.

Specialized Fruit Cycle

This dishwasher offers health enthusiasts a unique “Fruit” cycle to wash hard-surface fruits effectively in just 20 minutes. 

Clear User Interface

With an LED digital display combined with touch panel controls, it makes for an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Compact Yet Stylish Design

Its whole white design, coupled with a see-through viewing window, gives it a sleek look, blending seamlessly into modern kitchens.

Who Needs This Compact Dishwasher?

An image has a product picture on the right side and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" on the left. It is the image of the section "Who Needs COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher."

Small Families or Couples

COMFEE CDC17P2AWW, with its 2-place setting capacity, is an excellent fit for small families or couples. It’s the right size to handle their daily dish load without taking up too much space. The LED Digital Display and see-through viewing window also make the washing process easy to monitor.

Singles and College Students

Students or single individuals living in dorms or shared apartments will find this dishwasher ideal. Its compact size and no need for special installation make it easy to fit in tight spaces. The “RAPID” cycle, which cleans lightly soiled dishes in just 40 minutes, is perfect for their busy schedules.

Apartment Dwellers

Those living in apartments, especially ones with small kitchens, will appreciate this dishwasher. Its countertop design and the “no installation needed” feature makes it hassle-free. Plus, the upgraded inside space means it can handle larger plates up to 10.5 inches.

RV and Boat Owners

The portable nature of this dishwasher, combined with the option to add water manually, makes it a perfect companion for those on the move in RVs or boats. And with 5+2 program options, they’ll have flexibility in choosing the right cleaning mode for their needs.

Environment Enthusiasts

Eco-conscious individuals will be drawn to the dishwasher’s low water consumption, using only 6L per wash cycle. This saves a significant amount of water compared to handwashing, and its energy consumption is also minimal at only 0.35 kWh for the normal cycle.

Parents with Infants

The “Baby Care” wash cycle is specifically designed for cleaning baby bottles, ensuring a high-temperature wash of up to 162°F for thorough sanitization. The UV Hygiene Program is an added bonus, ensuring no food particles remain.

Fruit Lovers

For those who consume a lot of fruits, the unique “FRUIT” wash cycle is a game-changer. This program is crafted to wash hard surface fruits, and users can manually add cold water without needing the faucet.

People in Areas Without Fixed Plumbing

The built-in 6-liter water tank allows users to manually add water, making it suitable for places without consistent plumbing or where tap connections are an issue.

Individuals Seeking Efficient Drying

After washing, the auto-open door and built-in turbofan ensure dishes dry quicker, providing cabinet-ready dishes in no time.

Safety-Conscious Homeowners

The dishwasher comes equipped with a child lock for households with curious little ones. Additionally, the leak protection feature ensures that the kitchen remains clean and tidy, preventing potential water damage.

A small photo of COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW dishwasher.

COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher

Who Can Skip Considering This Dishwasher?

An image has a product picture on the left side and a speaker icon with the text "Who Does Not Need" on the right. It is the image of the section "Who Does Not Need COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher."

Large Families

This dishwasher only holds 2 place settings, making it impractical for large families. If you’re feeding a bunch of mouths at every meal, you’d be running this thing all day and night!

Commercial Kitchens

With its compact size and limited place settings, this dishwasher wouldn’t keep up in a bustling restaurant or cafeteria. Chefs and kitchen staff would be waiting forever for clean dishes!

Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re all about connecting every device in your home to the internet, this isn’t for you. It lacks Wi-Fi capabilities and isn’t compatible with smart home assistants.


At 62 dB, it’s not the noisiest, but it’s not whisper-quiet either. If you’re super sensitive to noise, this might not be your best friend during its wash cycles.

Eco Warriors

While it does save water compared to hand washing, it’s not Energy Star rated. So, if you’re keen on having the most eco-friendly devices, this might not tick all your boxes.

Luxury Lovers

Made mostly of plastic, it might not give that sleek, high-end look some desire in their kitchen appliances.

Large Dish Collectors

Got a collection of massive dinner plates? Since the max plate size isn’t specified, you might find some of your dishes are a tight fit.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of COMFEE CDC17P2AWW

Image of a balance having a cross icon colored in red on the left side and a check icon colored in green on the right, depicting the section Pros and Cons.


Flexible and Hassle-free Installation

With a 6-liter tank and no direct water connection needed, connect it easily to a sink’s faucet without professional help.

Compact Design with Spacious Interior

Although compact, it fits a 10.5-inch plate, several dishes, including 4 bowls, utensils, and a pot, suitable for tight spaces like apartments.

Diverse and Effective Cleaning Programs

Offers up to 5 washing programs, with options from regular dishes to fruit. Additionally, it features two spinning water arms, a 360° spray, and UV sanitization, ensuring spotless dishes every time.

High-Performance Cleaning

With temperatures up to 192℉, even heavy soiling and dried-on food are thoroughly cleaned, making it suitable even for baby bottles.

Efficient Drying and Operation

The AUTO-OPEN and built-in turbo fan ensure quick drying. Intuitive controls, a timer, and delay options of up to 24 hours enhance user experience, maintaining efficiency even after 100 loads.

Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

Using only 6L of water and 0.35 kWh per cycle, it’s 80% more water-efficient than hand washing. It costs about $17 annually and uses about 6 grams of detergent per load.

Safety and User-friendly Features

Incorporates an LED display, see-through window, child lock, built-in leak protection, and an auto door with a 15-minute cool-down.

Affordable with Value-Added Features

Ranging from $230-$320, it competes with higher-end models, offering excellent value for its comprehensive features.

User-friendly Maintenance with Detergent Flexibility

Cleaning is simplified with removable trays and filters. For washing, choose between Finish pods for lengthy cycles or liquid detergent.


Limited Loading Space

Despite its compact design, the dishwasher’s capacity is limited, with only 2 place settings and a single rack. This makes it ideal for 1-4 people, but challenges arise with larger dishes, including pots and full-size plates.

Plastic Over Premium Materials

Constructed entirely of plastic, this material might not be as durable or heat-retentive as stainless steel. While durable, the plastic may require periodic degreasing and may not offer the classy appearance of other finishes.

Loud and Lengthy Operations

With a noise level of 62 dB, it’s louder than some competitors. Furthermore, some wash cycles are lengthy, extending beyond 2 hours, which might be inefficient for quick needs.

Subpar Cleaning Efficiency

The machine might face challenges with heavily soiled dishes, often requiring pre-washing. The absence of a soil sensor means a manual judgment about the dishes. Residue on dishes might arise if detergent exceeds 6 grams.

Behind on Tech & Features

Lacking in modern smart features, this dishwasher doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or voice assistants. Also absent are features like a delay start timer, hard food disposer, and a rinse aid indicator. Overloading can obstruct sprayers, and there are reports of touchscreen and control panel malfunctions.

Short Warranty & Lackluster Support

Accompanied by a 1-year limited warranty, which seems short given the reported operational issues. Many users expressed dissatisfaction with customer support and faced warranty challenges.

Flawed Design Choices

While the silverware tray might be problematic for all cutlery, interfering with sprayers, users should also be cautious of the machine turning off mid-cycle or displaying error codes.

Not Energy Star Rated

Lacking an Energy Star rating might result in higher energy consumption over time, impacting both the environment and utility bills.

Alternatives to COMFEE CDC17P2AWW

The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 is another countertop gem. Just a little pricier than the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW, it stands out with a large-area see-through window and an extensive touchscreen panel. Though it’s lightweight at 29.7 pounds, it doesn’t skimp on features. It’s got a nifty fruit and veggie basket and even a separate slot for knives and forks. It drinks up a bit less water at 1.32 gallons per hour and is whisper quiet at just 49 dB. If something goes wrong, ChuMaste’s got your back for a year. Read more about this model in our comprehensive CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher Review.

Switching lanes to the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03, this one’s a deal! Priced lower than our reviewed dishwasher, its unique glass door adds a touch of luxury. It can handle up to 4 place settings and even fit those large 10.25″ plates. Plus, it boasts two additional cycles for fruits and drying. Although it consumes a tad bit more energy, its high-temperature cleaning ensures your dishes are spotless. And you’ve got a year of peace with their warranty. Discover more about this model in our thorough Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher Review.

Lastly, meet the Ventray DW50, a bit of a splurge compared to the reviewed one, COMFEE CDC17P2AWW. It’s not just about looks with a transparent window but also holds its own with 5 distinct washing programs. It might sip a little more water on specific cycles, but its power consumption reflects its efficiency. For those concerned about noise, it operates at a comfortable 58 dB. And to sweeten the deal, they throw in a year’s warranty. Uncover all the features with our complete COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher Review.

A small photo of ChuMaste CM XWJ01 dishwasher.

ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher

A small photo of Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher.

Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher

A small photo of Ventray DW50 dishwasher.

Ventray DW50 Dishwasher

Final Thoughts on COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher Review

We’re almost at the end of our exhilarating journey reviewing the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher! This little beauty, priced at just $320, is perfect for tight spaces with compact dimensions.

Its touch panel is a breeze, and with 2 place settings, it’s ideal for small households. The cherry on top? A unique fruit basket and tableware basket! Using only 1.58 gallons per hour, it’s water-efficient and runs on a modest 150 kilowatt-hours a year. The variety of wash cycles will ensure your dishes sparkle, and its 360° full-rotating spray leaves no corner untouched. Plus, child and leak protection features make it super safe for families. All of this is wrapped in a clean, whole-white finish. Why wait? Give your kitchen a cool upgrade with the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW. Trust us, you’ll love it!

To explore more model reviews, check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Reviews for more choices.

A small photo of COMFEE' CDC17P2AWW dishwasher.

COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many place settings does the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher hold?

It can hold 2 place settings, perfect for small households.

Does the dishwasher have a digital display?

Yes, it comes with an LED digital display and a touch panel for controls.

What type of installation does the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher need?

It’s a countertop dishwasher and doesn’t need any special installation. You can add water manually or hook it directly to a faucet.

Are there any safety features in the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher?

Absolutely! It has a child lock for safety and a leak protection feature to detect and prevent water leakages.

How effective is the cleaning and drying of this dishwasher?

The dishwasher offers 360° full-rotating spray cleaning and has an AUTO-OPEN feature for enhanced drying, ensuring dishes are spotless and dry.

Is the dishwasher energy and water-efficient?

Definitely! It consumes only 6L of water per wash cycle, saving 80% water compared to handwashing, and uses just 0.35 kilowatt-hours per cycle.

Can I see what’s happening inside the dishwasher during its operation?

Yes, the COMFEE CDC17P2AWW Dishwasher has a see-through viewing window, so you can keep an eye on your dishes while they’re being cleaned.



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