Unlock the Secrets of NOVETE TDQR01 vs Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher Comparison

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Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’re diving deep into an electrifying clash in the compact dishwasher universe with our epic “NOVETE TDQR01 vs Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher Comparison”!

The NOVETE TDQR01 is different from your ordinary countertop dishwasher. With an ability to accommodate 12-inch dishes, this quietly operating (just 50dB!) marvel offers four specialized wash cycles and even has an additional cycle to freshen up your fruits. Its thoughtful design and varied cycles, like Normal and Baby Care, make it versatile for diverse dishwashing needs.

Meet the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03, a countertop dishwasher that’s all about meeting practical needs with simplicity. Fitting dishes up to 10.25 inches and operating at a subtle 50dB, this handy kitchen companion not only provides four distinctive wash cycles but also brings two additional cycles aimed specifically for fruit washing and dry operations. A small but mighty asset to any kitchen, ensuring your dishes and fruits are always sparkling clean.

Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows of both models, ensuring you have all the knowledge to pick your kitchen’s next shining star in our enthralling NOVETE TDQR01 vs Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher Comparison! Let’s delve in together and explore what these dynamic dishwashers offer to your culinary world.

Early Verdict

A small photo of NOVETE TDQR01 dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of NOVETE TDQR01 given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.3 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of NOVETE TDQR01 in compressed form.

Performance Indicators


  • Compact and Space-Saving Design
  • No Installation Hassles
  • 4 dish wash cycles and 1 fruit wash cycle
  • Transparent Viewing Window with LED Lighting


  • Not Energy Star Rated
  • Plastic Interior
  • Not Smart-Home Compatible
  • No Child Lock
A small photo of Hermitlux-HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 given by its users.

4.5 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03. Compressed View

Performance Indicators


  • Unique See-Through Glass Door
  • Four Efficient Washing Programs
  • High Temperature Cleaning and Drying
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • User-Friendly Touch Controls


  • Not Energy Star Rated
  • No Wi-Fi or smart home assistant
  • No Child Lock
  • Absence of Delay Start

Performance Score Evaluation

A featured image of the performance evaluation section has NOVETE TDQR01 on the left side, all 10 performance evaluation icons in the middle 3 rows, and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 on the right side.

Embark on a journey with Team WashDryDazzle as we delve into the intricacies of the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwashers! We’ve rolled up our sleeves to evaluate their performance, ensuring you make the wisest choice for your washing needs. Our in-depth exploration guarantees that your decision is informed and perfect for your sparkling clean dish desires! Let’s unravel the mystery together and find your ideal kitchen companion!


Dive into the world of effortless cleaning with the NOVETE TDQR01. The chic 18-inch dishwasher, with its trendy white exterior and transparent dual-layer glass door, fits snugly into your kitchen space and provides a visually appealing glance into ongoing wash cycles. Choose from five efficient wash cycles and experience spotless, gleaming dishes every time, especially with the Baby Care mode that effortlessly tackles even the oiliest plates with a powerful 167 °F wash. The two spray arms guarantee meticulous cleaning, ensuring each corner of your dishware receives thorough attention without a hint of secondary pollution.

The NOVETE doesn’t just stop at cleaning; its drying performance ensures dishes emerge not just spotless but dry and ready to use thanks to a 60-minute hot air cycle and a ventilated storage feature that keeps them fresh and odorless for up to 72 hours. With a sound level of 50 dB, it provides a peaceful operation. At the same time, its eco-friendly nature ensures your utility bills and environmental impact remain low. For a detailed dive into its comprehensive performance and additional features, remember to explore our full NOVETE TDQR01 Dishwasher Review.


The Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 isn’t just a pretty face with its sleek, see-through glass door and space-saving design; it’s a lightweight champion that packs a severe cleaning punch. With various wash cycles, including a unique Fruit cycle and a 360° rotating spray arm, your dishes emerge spotless. It’s also whisper-quiet at 50 dB, so it won’t interrupt your home life. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, using only 5 liters of water per cycle. Thanks to its PTC hot air system, it offers a quick 29-minute wash for those in a rush without skimping on drying efficiency.

Despite lacking an Energy Star rating, this machine is energy-conscious, and its compact size doesn’t compromise loading capacity, comfortably fitting your dishes and cutlery. It’s a reliable kitchen companion, built to last and backed by a 1-year warranty. Check out our complete Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher Review for more information on its performance evaluation.

CategoriesNOVETE TDQR01Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03
Price & Design4.2/5.04.5/5.0
Cleaning Performance4.7/5.04.6/5.0
Drying Performance4.3/5.04.7/5.0
Noise Level4.2/5.04.4/5.0
Energy Efficiency4.1/5.04/5.0
Water Usage4.5/5.04.8/5.0
Cycle Time4.4/5.04.4/5.0
Loading Capacity4.3/5.04.5/5.0
Safety Features3.8/5.04/5.0
Reliability and Durability4/5.04.6/5.0

NOVETE TDQR01 vs HERMITLUX HMX-TDJ03 : Similarities and Differences

A kitchen image with NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwashers on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Despite their gleaming facades and promise to lighten your chore load, NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03, two-star players in the countertop dishwasher arena, showcase some intriguing contrasts while sharing a few winsome similarities. Let’s dive into a bubbly journey, exploring these two models’ captivating commonalities and distinct, sparkling differences!


  • Both dishwashers are similar in size, with the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 having nearly identical height, width, and depth. This makes them suitable for small spaces and easily integrated into various kitchen layouts.
  • Neither model is Energy Star rated, yet both consume 5 liters of water per cycle and require 950 watts, indicating a focus on energy and water efficiency.
  • At 50 dB, both dishwashers operate at a relatively quiet noise level, making them unobtrusive in a typical home environment.
  • Each dishwasher accommodates 4 place settings, is ideal for small families or individuals, and demonstrates efficient space utilization despite its compact size.
  • Both have multiple cleaning cycles, each offering a specialized fruit wash cycle. This feature adds versatility to their cleaning capabilities.
  • Both models employ a hot air drying mechanism and rinse dishes with hot water at the end of the cycle, ensuring dry, ready-to-use dishes.
  • Both feature plastic construction with unique door designs, combining functionality with an aesthetic appeal.
  • Neither model includes advanced safety features like child locks, but they come with a standard 1-year warranty, providing basic consumer assurance.


  • The NOVETE TDQR01 is priced at $360. It has been available since August 2020, while the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 is slightly cheaper at $300, available from January 2021.
  • Hermitlux has a specific brand website, offering potentially more detailed product information and support, whereas NOVETE lacks a brand-specific site.
  • The NOVETE TDQR01 weighs slightly more (28 pounds) than the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 (26.4 pounds), which might impact portability and installation.
  • Both models feature a clear LED display and touch panel controls. Still, the NOVETE’s design includes a transparent dual-layer glass door with an LED lamp, enhancing user interaction.
  • The NOVETE TDQR01 offers 4 wash cycles for dishes, whereas the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 has an additional ‘Dry’ cycle, providing more options for users.
  • Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 features a 360° rotating spray arm, which might offer more thorough cleaning coverage than the NOVETE TDQR01’s standard dual spray arms.
  • The NOVETE TDQR01 can accommodate larger dishes (up to 12 inches), while the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 fits dishes up to 10.25 inches, affecting loading flexibility.
  • The Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 incorporates glass in its construction, potentially offering a more premium look and feel than NOVETE’s all-plastic design.
A small photo of NOVETE-TDQR01 dishwasher.

NOVETE TDQR01 Dishwasher

A small photo of Hermitlux-HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher.

Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher

Washing Cycles Comparison

The pivotal role of the Wash Cycle feature in dishwasher operation cannot be overstated. This function meticulously navigates through the cleansing of dishes, accommodating diverse degrees of dirt and assorted dishware varieties. An exploration into the washing cycle options provided by NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 awaits our attention.

Moreover, following is an extra cycle that transcends beyond the customary dishwashing processes.

NOVETE TDQR01 Programs

Baby Care / Heavy Cycle

The Baby Care / Heavy Cycle is our little secret weapon against those pesky, sticky residues on baby bottles and that challenging grime on our tableware and pet products! Immerse your items in a spa of hot water, twirling through stages of rinsing and washing at a cozy 131 °F, then finishing with a sizzling rinse at 167 °F. A hearty 89-minute clean with 60 minutes of warm air cuddling to dry, and voila – purity achieved!


Welcome, the trusty Normal cycle, a steadfast friend that’s got your back, reliably tackling your everyday dish mess. Engaging your dishes in a 69-minute dance under a cascade of hot and warm waters assures each plate exits the stage impeccably clean. Washing at a welcoming 131 °F and rinsing at a warmer 154 °F also enwraps your dishes in 60 minutes of warm air hug, ensuring they’re dry and ready for the next culinary adventure!

Soft Cycle

The gentle whisper in the cleaning world – the Soft Cycle. Your slightly soiled dishes are treated to a delicate 59-minute ballet of warm washing and rinsing. Waltzing through waters of 131 °F and then a gentle rise to a 154 °F rinse, this cycle offers a gentle touch to your cherished items. Post-wash, they are enveloped in 60 minutes of soothing warm air, ensuring they emerge dry, gleaming, and ever so gently cared for.


Meet Speed, the lightning-fast cycle, ensuring your lightly soiled items are briskly and effectively cleaned in 29 minutes! With a lively wash at 122 °F and a slightly warmer rinse at 144°F, your dishes dash through the motions, emerging victorious against light soils. Then, they bask in a warm, 60-minute drying phase, ensuring they’re clean and ready to be used in a flash, just when you need them!

Fruit Cycle

Encounter the unique Fruit Cycle, a dedicated 19-minute ritual for your hard-surfaced fruits to bask and be rejuvenated. Immersed in a gentle cascade of room-temperature water, not one but two refreshing rinses ensure your fruits emerge vibrant and refreshed. There’s no heating here, just a straightforward, pure rinse that honors the natural integrity of your healthy snacks, getting them prepped and pristine for your nutritious indulgence naturally and effortlessly.



Brace yourselves for the Strong Program, a true warrior battling robust grime with its vigilant 89 minutes of dedicated cleansing! Bask in the heat of 131°F washing and first rinsing, followed by a powerful 167°F final rinse, guaranteeing utmost purity. Then, a generous 60-minute warm air pampering ensures thorough dryness, allowing you to indulge your items in 73 hours of refreshing, circulating air, preserving their impeccable cleanliness.


Embrace the reliable Standard Program, which is a 69-minute symphony of cleanliness. This program dances through hot and warm waters to deliver an unwaveringly reliable cleanse. Your items are washed and rinsed at 131°F and 154°F respectively. After that, they are serenaded by 60 minutes of warm drying. Moreover, it is possible to let them be cherished in a gentle breeze of circulating air for 73 hours, safeguarding their pristine state until summoned.


Celebrate sustainability with the ECO Program, your green ally that conquers dirt in an energy-efficient 59-minute cycle! Savor the hot wash at 131°F, followed by a snug rinse at 154°F, ensuring cleanliness while being eco-conscious. Post-wash items bask in a 60-minute warm air blanket, and, if chosen, they can luxuriate in 73 hours of circulating fresh air, maintaining their spotless state while being gentle on our planet.


Say hello to Quick Program, your swift, a 29-minute savior for lightly soiled items that whisks them through a spirited wash and rinse at 122°F and 144°F respectively. Ensuring they’re swiftly back in action, items enjoy a brisk 60-minute dry and, optionally, a prolonged 73-hour caress of circulating air, safeguarding their freshness and readiness for whenever they’re called upon next in your culinary adventures.


Delight in the Fruit Program, a 19-minute gentle whirlpool designed purely for your hard-surfaced fruits. Engaging them in a tranquil double rinse of cool water respects their natural vitality and essence, ensuring they emerge refreshed, revitalized, and ready to bring you a burst of wholesome, clean nourishment in every bite without any wait.


Meet the unassuming Dry Program, where your items enjoy 60 minutes of warm air’s embrace, ensuring they emerge free from every droplet and gleaming brightly. Choose to indulge them further in a 73-hour retreat amidst circulating fresh air, safeguarding their dry, pristine state and ensuring they’re ready to dazzle at your next dining event, with elegance and reliable dryness at their core.

NOVETE TDQR01 vs HERMITLUX HMX-TDJ03 : Which is Better for You?

An image has products pictures on the right and left sides and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" in the middle. It is the image of the section "Which Dishwasher is Better for You?"

Small Families or Singles

Imagine the coziness of a little family or a solitary individual, where kitchen space is a precious commodity and efficiency is key.

The NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwashers, with their compact sizes and countertop design, can seamlessly fit into petite kitchen spaces without demanding any special installation. Both units boast a 4 place-setting capacity, ideal for handling the day’s dishes for a small family or a solo dweller.

The straightforward controls and a range of wash cycles make the operation simple and adaptable to different washing needs, such as scrubbing baby bottles, gently washing fruits, or efficiently cleaning lightly soiled dishes. Though petite, these dishwashers are potent, performing par excellence by employing hot water washing and rinsing to ensure meticulous cleanliness.

Eco-conscious Users

The eco-warriors among us, who are informed about water and energy usage might find a friend in the ECO Program of the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03, using just 5 liters of water per cycle, aligning with conscious consumption. The NOVETE TDQR01 doesn’t stay behind with its “Soft Cycle,” providing a gentle wash for lightly soiled dishes and minimizing resource use. Both appliances utilize a mere 950 Watts of power and diligently work towards optimal cleanliness while being prudent with energy and water. Their operation ensures that you’re not just saving the planet but also being economical by curtailing excessive utility bills.

Parents and Pet Owners

For those juggling parenthood or pet ownership, specific wash cycles like the “Baby Care/Heavy Cycle” of NOVETE TDQR01 or the “Strong Program” of Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 might just be the heroes you need. These programs are designed to tackle grimy baby bottles, soiled pet products, or any heavily stained tableware by employing hot water at up to 131 °F and 167 °F, respectively, ensuring a thorough cleanse. The structured programs and notable wash cycles of both dishwashers are meticulously devised to handle diverse dishware and varied levels of soiling, ensuring that the parents and pet owners can rest easy, knowing that the cleanliness of their feeding utensils is uncompromised.

Apartment Dwellers

Those residing in apartments, where space and noise can be major concerns, might find solace in these dishwashers. Both NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 bring the convenience of a compact design to the table and promise a quiet operation at just 50 dB, ensuring your peace isn’t perturbed during its operation. Especially considering urban living often involves respecting the tranquility of close-by neighbors. The models’ transparent and unique glass doors add a touch of aesthetic appeal to the apartment, combining functionality with a dash of style.

Fruit Enthusiasts

For fruit fans who prefer their fruits not just fresh but also meticulously cleaned, both dishwashers offer dedicated “Fruit Cycles.” Whether it’s the 19-minute cycle of NOVETE TDQR01 or the equally efficient program in Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03, these units ensure your fruits are gently and effectively rinsed with room temperature water, providing a level of cleanliness that’s simply beyond just a manual rinse. It ensures that your fruits are visibly clean and hygienically superior, fostering a healthy eating habit.

Final Thoughts on NOVETE TDQR01 vs HERMITLUX HMX-TDJ03  Dishwasher

Wow, what a journey we’ve had exploring the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwashers! Both models bring something special to the table. The NOVETE TDQR01, with its transparent dual-layer glass door and LED lamp, offers functionality and style. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a modern touch in their kitchen. Its Baby Care/Heavy Cycle is a standout, ensuring even the toughest grime is handled carefully.

On the other hand, the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 shines with its unique glass door and slightly lighter build, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and practicality. Its additional Dry Program sets it apart, providing that extra convenience for busy lifestyles.

Whether you’re a small family, a pet owner, or someone who values both efficiency and style, one dishwasher will surely meet your needs. So, don’t wait any longer. Elevate your kitchen experience with either the NOVETE TDQR01 or Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher today and enjoy the blend of innovation and convenience they offer!

Check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Comparisons to explore more model comparisons.

A small photo of NOVETE-TDQR01 dishwasher.

NOVETE TDQR01 Dishwasher

A small photo of Hermitlux-HMX-TDJ03 dishwasher.

Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which dishwasher is more affordable, the NOVETE TDQR01 or the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03?

The Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 is more budget-friendly, priced at $300, compared to the NOVETE TDQR01, which costs $360.

Can the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 fit large dishes?

The NOVETE TDQR01 can fit dishes up to 12 inches, while the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 accommodates dishes up to 10.25 inches.

Are both dishwashers energy and water-efficient?

Yes, the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 are not Energy Star rated but consume only 5 liters of water per cycle and 950 Watts of power.

Which dishwasher has more wash cycles?

Both have 4 main wash cycles, but the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 offers an additional Dry cycle, giving it a slight edge in versatility.

How do the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 dishwashers differ in design?

The NOVETE TDQR01 features a transparent dual-layer glass door with an LED lamp, while the Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 has a unique glass door design.

Are the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 suitable for small kitchens?

Yes, both are compact and countertop models, making them ideal for small kitchens or limited spaces.

How do the noise levels of the NOVETE TDQR01 and Hermitlux HMX-TDJ03 compare?

Both dishwashers operate at a quiet noise level of 50 dB, ensuring they won’t disrupt your home environment.

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