Feel the Clean with COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB vs ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher Comparison

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Get ready to dive into the ultimate dishwasher duel: COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB vs ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher Comparison! This face-off will surely excite anyone who’s ever faced a mountain of dirty dishes.

Meet the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB, a countertop champion that promises to tackle your dishes without disrupting cozy conversations at 62 dB. With a scorching 192 ℉ sanitization cycle, this machine doesn’t just wash your dishes; it hygienically cleanses them. It boasts four specialized wash cycles—NORMAL, RAPID, HYGIENE, GLASS—and even has a unique cycle just for fruit, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

In the other corner, we have the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01, a countertop contender that’s as quiet as a whisper at 49 dB, saving both water and your sanity with only 1.32 gallons per hour. It offers four wash cycles—Strong, Normal, Eco, and Quick—and ups the ante with an additional Hot Dry function, alongside its Fruit cycle, ensuring your dishes come out spotless and ready to store away.

Who will emerge as the countertop king in this COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB vs ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher Comparison? Keep reading to discover which dishwasher will claim the crown and revolutionize your kitchen routine!

Early Verdict

A small photo of COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.3 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB in compressed form.

Performance Indicators


  • Affordable and Convenient
  • Compact and Versatile Design
  • High-Temperature Hygiene
  • Fruit Washing Capability
  • Multiple Cleaning Programs
  • See-Through Window for Monitoring


  • Not Energy Star Rated
  • A Bit More Noisy
  • Predominantly Plastic Build
  • No Wi-Fi or smart home assistant
  • Lengthy Cycle Times
A small photo of ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.5 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 in compressed form.

Performance Indicators


  • Compact Design
  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Multipurpose Cleaning Wash Cycles
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Efficient and Quiet Operation


  • Not Energy Star Rated
  • No Smart Features
  • No Child Lock Feature
  • ABS Finish – Missing Stainless Steel

Performance Score Evaluation

A featured image of the performance evaluation section has COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB on the left side, all 10 performance evaluation icons in the middle 3 rows, and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 on the right side.

Our fabulous team at WashDryDazzle has put the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 through their paces just for you! We’ve tested every beep, splash, and spin to give you the lowdown on which dishwasher rocks and which one rolls. Please stick with us to make a choice that’ll sparkle as much as your dishes will!


The COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB stands out with its stylish white and black design, and at $255, it’s a wallet-friendly choice for any kitchen. It’s slightly heavier than some, but its value is reflected in its price and design. When it comes to getting your dishes sparkling, this machine excels, thanks to its four wash cycles and an extra one for fruit. It’s not just about cleaning; your dishes come out dry and ready to use, while the noise level ensures your home stays peaceful.

In terms of efficiency, it’s quite the eco-warrior, using only 1.32 gallons per hour. Plus, with a range of cycle times and a solid loading capacity, it’s perfect for small households. Safety and reliability are also covered, with solid ratings. For more details about its performance evaluation, check out our complete COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB Dishwasher Review.


The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwasher shines in design and controls, featuring a user-friendly touchscreen and a see-through window that adds a modern touch to any small space. Its cleaning performance is impressive, with double spray arms that reach every angle, offering five programs for all types of dishes, including a quick 29-minute wash and a unique cycle for fruits and veggies.

Drying is efficient with its PTC hot air system, ensuring dishes are dry and odor-free. At the same time, its quiet operation won’t disrupt your home life. Energy and water efficiency are excellent, with minimal consumption, making it an eco-friendly kitchen companion. For more details about its performance evaluation, check out our complete ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher Review.

Price & Design4.5/5.04.4/5.0
Cleaning Performance4.7/5.04.6/5.0
Drying Performance4.4/5.04.7/5.0
Noise Level4/5.04.2/5.0
Energy Efficiency4/5.04.4/5.0
Water Usage4.5/5.04.8/5.0
Cycle Time4.5/5.04.3/5.0
Loading Capacity4.3/5.04.2/5.0
Safety Features4.1/5.04.6/5.0
Reliability and Durability4.2/5.04.5/5.0

COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB vs CHUMASTE CM-XWJ01: Similarities and Differences

A kitchen image with COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Compact yet powerful dishwashers, COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 offer convenient kitchen cleaning. Choose the perfect fit for your needs.


  • Both dishwashers are countertop models designed to be portable and convenient for small spaces like apartments and RVs, reflecting a growing trend in space-saving home appliances.
  • Neither dishwasher is Energy Star rated, yet they both demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency with a 120-volt requirement, which is typical for household appliances, ensuring they can be easily integrated into most home electrical systems without additional requirements.
  • The water consumption per hour for both models is 1.32 gallons, indicating a shared emphasis on water efficiency in their design, a crucial factor for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Both models feature a touch panel for controls, illustrating a modern approach to appliance design that prioritizes ease of use and a sleek interface.
  • Each dishwasher has a single rack for loading dishes, which is adjustable in the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB, suggesting a focus on adaptability and customization for different dish sizes.
  • The noise level of both dishwashers is within the range typical for such appliances, with the COMFEE model operating at 62 dB and the ChuMaste at a quieter 49 dB, both ensuring they won’t be overly disruptive in a home environment.
  • They each offer a special cycle for washing fruit. This unique feature caters to those looking for more from their dishwasher than just cleaning dishes.
  • Both models come with a 1-year limited warranty, providing consumers with a standard assurance of reliability and service post-purchase.


  • The COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB has a sanitization feature with a high-temperature hygiene cycle, ensuring a thorough cleaning and peace of mind for hygiene-conscious users, a feature not specified in the ChuMaste model.
  • The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 boasts a PTC hot air drying system, which is a more advanced drying feature compared to the COMFEE’s condensation method, indicating a potential edge in drying efficiency.
  • The ChuMaste model is notably quieter at 49 dB compared to the COMFEE’s 62 dB, making it a better option for those sensitive to noise or with open living spaces.
  • In terms of design, the ChuMaste dishwasher is lighter in weight at 29.7 pounds, potentially making it easier to move and handle than the COMFEE model, which weighs 36.6 pounds.
  • The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 includes a large-area see-through window. This feature allows users to observe the cleaning process, which is not mentioned for the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB.
  • The ChuMaste dishwasher has a digital display, which could offer a more intuitive user experience and easier cycle monitoring compared to the COMFEE model, which lacks this feature.
  • Energy consumption per year is slightly higher for the ChuMaste at 151.2 Kilowatt Hours compared to COMFEE’s 130 Kilowatt Hours, which may influence cost-conscious consumers’ decision-making.
  • The ChuMaste dishwasher offers a hot, dry cycle in addition to fruit cleaning, providing an extra feature that the COMFEE dishwasher does not, which may appeal to those looking for more drying options.
A small photo of COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB dishwasher.


A small photo of ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwasher.

ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher

Washing Cycles Comparison

The selection of Wash Cycles is a pivotal aspect of any dishwasher’s performance, shaping how your dishes emerge after a cleaning. It’s tailored to handle different degrees of dirtiness and diverse dishware. The COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 both provide a variety of options to tackle this task. Let’s delve into their offerings.

Furthermore, each model boasts extra cycles that extend beyond mere dishwashing.



This go-to cycle is perfect for your everyday dishes. It’s the gold star of cycles for your regular, run-of-the-mill dirty plates and cups, ensuring they come out sparkling without guzzling too much energy or water. In just 130 minutes, your kitchenware is clean and ready to go.


Say goodbye to germs with the HYGIENE cycle. It’s the hot ticket for anyone wanting to zap bacteria and get their dishes not just clean, but hygienically clean. By turning up the heat, you can ensure your dishes are sanitized and spotless within 135 minutes.


Are you in a rush? The RAPID cycle has got you covered. It’s the quick fix for lightly soiled dishes when time is of the essence. Zip through cleaning in just 40 minutes and get back to the more essential things in life.


Freshen up your fruit with this gentle wash. It’s a cool bath for your apples and oranges, ensuring they’re clean and ready to eat. Add water, set for 20 minutes, and enjoy nature’s candy cleanly.


Treat your delicate glassware to the care it deserves. The GLASS cycle is tailored for your fragile items, washing them at just the right temperatures to prevent damage. In 120 minutes, your glasses come out gleaming without a scratch.



When your dishes have faced a full-on food fiesta and need a thorough scrub, the Strong cycle is your hero. It battles the toughest grime for 89 minutes, leaving your pots and pans spotlessly ready for their next kitchen adventure.


The Normal cycle is your everyday dishwashing buddy. It’s just right for those plates and bowls with the usual mealtime leftovers. Set it, forget it, and in 69 minutes, you’ll have clean dishes without any fuss.


Eco-friendly and economical, the Eco cycle is for the green at heart. It uses less water and energy, making your dishes clean and your conscience clear in just 59 minutes. It’s good for your wallet and the planet!


Need clean dishes in a snap? The Quick Cycle has your back. It’s the sprinter of wash cycles, powering through a light load in a mere 29 minutes. Perfect for when you’re short on time but still want sparkling results.


Give your fruits a gentle cleanse with the Fruit cycle. In just 19 minutes, it washes away the dirt from your apples and grapes, so they’re ready to munch on. It’s a quick, easy way to enjoy your fruit as nature intended.


An image has products pictures on the right and left sides and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" in the middle. It is the image of the section "Which Dishwasher is Better for You?"

Choosing the right dishwasher is all about matching it to your life and what you need. Let’s dive into who would love each kind of dishwasher, whether it’s the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB or the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01, and find the perfect fit for different folks out there!

Small Apartment Dwellers

Those living in cozy city apartments would find both the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 to be space-saving marvels. With their compact dimensions, these dishwashers can easily fit into small kitchens. The COMFEE’s slightly larger size and higher noise level of 62 dB make it more suitable for singles or couples who might not be bothered by a bit of sound. In contrast, the quieter ChuMaste at 49 dB is ideal for a quiet apartment complex where noise could be a concern.

Budget-Conscious Consumers

Price-sensitive shoppers looking for a deal will appreciate the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB’s lower price point of $255 compared to the ChuMaste’s $270. Both models offer significant energy and water efficiency despite not being Energy Star-rated. This is a boon for those wanting to keep utility bills low. The similar water consumption rate of 1.32 gallons per hour for both models ensures that neither will strain the wallet over time.

Eco-Minded Individuals

Environmentally conscious individuals will find both dishwashers appealing due to their low water usage. However, the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 edges out slightly with a lower estimated energy consumption of 151.2 Kilowatt Hours per year compared to the COMFEE’s 130 Kilowatt Hours, making it a slightly greener choice in the long run. Both countertop models mean no installation footprint, further reducing their environmental impact.

Tech-Savvy Users

For those who love modern touch and digital interfaces, the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 stands out with its large-size touchscreen panel, which is absent in the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB. This feature could appeal to tech enthusiasts who prefer a more interactive and contemporary design in their appliances.

Families with Infants

Families with babies will find the HYGIENE program of the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB, which uses high temperatures to sanitize dishes, particularly beneficial for cleaning baby bottles and accessories. The additional fruit cycle in both models is also a plus for parents looking to quickly and effectively clean fruits for their children.

Home Entertainers

Those who frequently host guests might lean towards the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB for its AIR REFRESH feature that ensures dishes not only come out dry but also odor-free, perfect for immediate use for the next round of guests. The additional fruit cycle in both models is a unique feature for quickly cleaning fruits for cocktails or snacks.

First-Time Dishwasher Owners

First-time dishwasher buyers who are wary of complex installations will find both the COMFEE and ChuMaste models user-friendly since they require no special installation. The straightforward touch panel controls on both models make them accessible even for those not particularly tech-savvy.

Quiet Environment Seekers

For those who value tranquility, such as writers or home office workers, the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01’s lower noise level at 49 dB will ensure a peaceful environment. It’s significantly quieter than the COMFEE model, making it the preferred choice for environments where noise is a critical factor.

Small Families or Couples

The COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB, with its 2-place settings capacity, is tailored for small families or couples who do not generate many dirty dishes. Its adjustable rack offers flexibility for different sizes of dishes, making it a practical choice for compact living situations.

RV Owners and Campers

Adventurers who own RVs or enjoy camping will find the portability and self-contained water system of the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 advantageous. Its built-in 5L water tank allows for washing dishes even when a direct connection is unavailable. It is perfect for life on the road.

Final Thoughts on COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB vs CHUMASTE CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher

What a journey comparing the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers! Both models shine with their own unique features, like the COMFEE’s high-temp hygiene cycle for a germ-free shine and the ChuMaste’s PTC hot air drying for spotless, ready-to-use dishes.

They’re perfect for small spaces, with their compact design and quiet operation – the ChuMaste at a whisper-quiet 49 dB and the COMFEE not far behind. And let’s not forget, both are super water-wise, using just 1.32 gallons per hour, making them kind to your wallet and the planet.

So, whether you’re a busy professional needing a quick clean or a health-conscious parent looking for sanitization, one of these is your new kitchen hero. Ready to make dishwashing a breeze? Pick the one that fits your life, and let the sparkle begin!

Check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Comparisons to explore more model comparisons.

A small photo of COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB dishwasher.


A small photo of ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwasher.

ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which dishwasher is quieter, the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB or the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01?

The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 is quieter at 49 dB compared to the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB, which operates at 62 dB.

Can I see my dishes being washed in the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers?

Yes, both have see-through windows, but the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 features a larger viewing area.

Do the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 have different wash cycles?

Both offer four main wash cycles, but the COMFEE has a unique HYGIENE cycle, while ChuMaste includes a Hot Dry cycle.

Which dishwasher has a digital display, COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB or ChuMaste CM-XWJ01?

The ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 has a large touchscreen panel, while the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB has no digital display.

Are the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers energy efficient?

Neither dishwasher is Energy Star rated, but they have low water consumption at 1.32 gallons per hour.

What special features do the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers offer?

The COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB includes a fruit basket. At the same time, the ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 has a fruit and vegetable basket and a knife and fork box.

How long is the warranty for the COMFEE MINILITE CDC17P0ABB and ChuMaste CM-XWJ01 dishwashers?

Both dishwashers come with a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

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