Ease Your Chores with the Ultimate BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 vs COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher Comparison

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In the bustling world of kitchen appliances, the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 vs COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher comparison presents a compelling showcase of benefits. These compact heroes promise to revolutionize your dish-cleaning experience with efficiency and ease.

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 stands proud as a countertop powerhouse, perfect for smaller households or as a helping hand in larger homes. With 4 place settings, it consumes only 5 liters of water per cycle. It is not only for dishes; it cleans fruit, too, with an additional cycle dedicated to it. Its five wash cycles—Standard, Quick, Strong, ECO, and Fruit—ensure your dishes are clean and sparkling.

Enter the COSTWAY EP24717US: another countertop contender that shines with its space-saving design. Although it caters to 2 place settings, it matches the BLITZHOME in water efficiency, using just 5 liters per cycle. This machine has two special cycles—Fruit and Dry, in addition to 4 dishwashing cycles: Intense, Eco, Normal, and Rapid—making it a versatile and reliable kitchen companion.

Dive into our detailed BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 vs COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher comparison and discover which appliance checks all the boxes for your kitchen needs. We’re dishing out all the insights to help you make the smart choice easily and confidently. Keep reading because sparkling clean dishes await with just a click!

Early Verdict

A small photo of BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.0 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 in compressed form.

Performance Indicators


  • Compact & Stylish
  • 360° Spiral Spray Washing
  • Smart Control On-the-Go
  • Flexible Water Inlet
  • Baby Care Safety
  • High-Efficiency Drying Function


  • Lacks Child Lock & Limited Capacity
  • No Energy Star Rating
  • No Adjustability in Rack
  • Limited Smart Home Features
A small photo of COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher.
A rating meter is pointing towards the rating of COSTWAY EP24717US given by the WashDryDazzle team.

4.1 WashDryDazzle Team Rating

A bar chart showing the performance evaluation values of COSTWAY EP24717US in compressed form.

Performance Indicators


  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Dual Water Supply Modes
  • Effective Dry Mode & Delay Function
  • High-Temperature Cleaning
  • 5L Built-in Water Tank
  • Quiet Operation


  • Lacks Smart and Safety Features
  • Insufficient Wash Cycles for Varied Needs
  • Lack of Advanced Drying Features

Performance Score Evaluation

A featured image of the performance evaluation section has BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 on the left side, all 10 performance evaluation icons in the middle 3 rows, and COSTWAY EP24717US on the right side.

The squad at WashDryDazzle has just put the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US to the test for you! They rolled up their sleeves and checked out how these dishwashers perform. They work hard so you can make the best choice easily. They help you make smart, informed decisions for your kitchen.


The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1, priced at a reasonable $295.99, fits snugly in cozy kitchen corners or your RV and delivers a cleaning punch with its five versatile wash programs, ensuring that no dish is left grimy. Its 360° Powerful Cleaning and hot wind drying system ensure that dishes come out spotless and dry, sporting a gleaming finish without pesky water spots.

Its moderate energy consumption and water usage of only 5 liters per cycle make it a considerate choice for the environment and your wallet. Despite a higher noise level at 69 dB and the absence of Energy Star certification, the dishwasher compensates with an efficient ECO mode and convenient cycle times ranging from a swift 29 minutes to an intensive 89 minutes.

Ideal for small households, the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 can handle up to 4 place settings per load and comes with a sturdy build and a 12-month warranty, making it a reliable kitchen companion. While it may not have advanced safety features like a child lock, its performance and durability hold their own. Check out our complete BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 Dishwasher Review for more details about its performance evaluation.


The COSTWAY EP24717US brings value at $289.99 with a design meant for the snug corners of a modest kitchen. With its 4 wash cycles – Intense, Eco, Normal, and Rapid – plus a Fruit wash, it easily takes on various cleaning tasks. It’s not just about the wash; with PTC Drying Mode and hot air circulation, dishes come out ready to stack, a gold feature in a compact unit. It runs quietly at 58 dB, blending into the background of your home life without fuss.

This little powerhouse is environmentally considerate, using only 5 liters of water per cycle. It fits small households or individuals with its 2-place setting capacity. While it may lack some safety bells and whistles, it promises reliability with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. Check out our complete COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher Review for more details about its performance evaluation.

Price & Design4.2/5.04.3/5.0
Cleaning Performance4.3/5.04.5/5.0
Drying Performance4/5.04.2/5.0
Noise Level3.5/5.04.4/5.0
Energy Efficiency3.5/5.03.8/5.0
Water Usage4.4/5.04.1/5.0
Cycle Time4.2/5.04/5.0
Loading Capacity4/5.03.9/5.0
Safety Features4.2/5.03.5/5.0
Reliability and Durability4/5.04/5.0

BLITZHOME BH-CDW1  vs COSTWAY EP24717US: Similarities and Differences

A kitchen image with BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers on the top of the kitchen counter, which is 3'0" from the floor. A man of 5'10" height and a woman of 5'5" height are present in the kitchen.

Despite their sleek white designs that catch the eye, the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers have more to compare than meets the eye. Let’s dive into what sets them apart and what they share, making your kitchen chores a breeze.


  • Both dishwashers have transparent windows, offering visibility and adding to their modern aesthetic.
  • They share a white theme, ensuring they blend easily with various kitchen designs.
  • Each has a touch user interface, simplifying operation and giving a contemporary feel.
  • Neither model is Energy Star rated, but they emphasize conservation with low water consumption at 5 liters per cycle.
  • Both are countertop designs with built-in form factors, highlighting their suitability for small spaces or as secondary dishwashers.
  • The BLITZHOME and COSTWAY dishwashers utilize high temperatures for sanitization, ensuring dishes are clean and hygienic.
  • They offer hot air drying mechanisms, meaning dishes come out dry and ready for storage, a convenient touch in fast-paced lifestyles.
  • Each model has a 12-month warranty, providing consumers security and support after purchase.


  • The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 is slightly larger and heavier than the COSTWAY EP24717US, indicating a more robust build.
  • BLITZHOME accommodates 4 place settings compared to COSTWAY’s 2, making it a better choice for those with more dishes to wash.
  • BLITZHOME offers 5 wash cycles for dishes plus a fruit cycle. In contrast, COSTWAY has 4 cycles plus fruit and dry options, suggesting BLITZHOME might offer more specialized cleaning options.
  • BLITZHOME utilizes a stainless steel tub, which is typically more durable and better for heat conduction than the ABS plastic of the COSTWAY model.
  • The BLITZHOME is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for smart controls unavailable in the COSTWAY, which could be a significant convenience factor for tech-savvy users.
  • BLITZHOME’s dish or plate accommodation is slightly smaller than COSTWAY’s, which could be a consideration for those with larger dinnerware.
  • BLITZHOME’s noise level is estimated to be around 60 dB, slightly louder than COSTWAY’s 58 dB operation.
  • There’s a variation in voltage and wattage requirements, with BLITZHOME operating at 900W and 110 volts versus COSTWAY’s 950 watts and 120 volts, which may influence energy consumption and compatibility with certain kitchen outlets.
A small photo of BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 dishwasher.


A small photo of COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher.

COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher

Washing Cycles Comparison

Proper selection of wash cycles is essential for the efficient performance of any dishwasher. Different degrees of dirtiness and dish types require different wash cycles. The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers offer a range of cycle options to suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at what these dishwashers have to offer.

Furthermore, apart from the standard dishwashing cycles, there is an extra Fruit Cycle provided that goes beyond just cleaning your dishes.



Imagine your dishes getting a warm bath followed by refreshing rinses. That’s what the Standard Cycle is all about! It spends 69 minutes making your dishes sparkle using hot washes and cold rinses, with temperatures cozy enough to knock out grime but not your delicate plates.


Need your dishes clean, like yesterday? Zip them through the Quick Cycle! In just 29 minutes, your dishes get a hot wash and a couple of rinses, finishing up faster than your favorite TV show. It’s quick, efficient, and super handy for last-minute cleanups!


The Strong Cycle is your hero for dishes that have seen some serious meal action. Taking a bit longer at 89 minutes gives your dishes an intense scrub with hotter temperatures and more rinses, washing away even the stubborn leftovers from last night’s lasagna.


The ECO Cycle is like giving Mother Earth a high-five. It’s an eco-friendly wash lasting 59 minutes, using less detergent and energy while still sparkling your dishes. It’s a win-win for clean plates and our planet!


After all that washing, the Dry Cycle is the cozy finish your dishes need. For 60 minutes, they get a warm breeze that makes them completely dry and ready to be tucked away in the cupboard, all fresh and ready for your next meal.


Got some fruits that need a gentle rinse? The Fruit Cycle is perfect for a quick 19-minute splash that gets your fruits ready to eat or ready to be stored. It’s like a mini spa for your apples and grapes!

COSTWAY EP24717US Programs


When your favorite dishes look like a piece of abstract art with leftover food, the Intensive Wash is what you need. In 99 minutes, it gets your porcelain tableware spotless with a thorough scrub, ensuring even the toughest of stains are washed away.


Being kind to the environment while getting your dishes clean is what the ECO Wash offers. It takes a bit longer, at 139 minutes, but it’s gentle on your dishes and the earth, using just the right amount of soap and time to keep everything clean and green.


For your everyday dishes, the Normal Wash is the go-to. It spends a smart 79 minutes making sure your plates and cups are ready for their next use, with no fuss and no muss, just clean, shiny dishes ready to go again.


Are you in the fast lane and need clean dishes? Rapid Wash will have your porcelain ready in just 29 minutes, faster than you can say ‘sparkling.’ It’s perfect for those who are always on the move but still prefer their plates gleaming.


After the soap and water have done their job, the Dry cycle wraps it up with a 90-minute warm-up, ensuring your dishes come out dry and cozy, with no drips or drops, ready to be stacked away or set for supper.


Give your fruits a quick and gentle 18-minute bath with the Fruit Wash. It’s the ideal way to prep your snacks, leaving them fresh and ready to be enjoyed or tucked away for later munching.

BLITZHOME BH-CDW1  vs COSTWAY EP24717US: Which is Better for You?

An image has products pictures on the right and left sides and a speaker icon with the text "Who Needs" in the middle. It is the image of the section "Which Dishwasher is Better for You?"

Choosing a dishwasher is not just about its functionality but also about who is using it and their needs. Let’s dive into who might want the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 or the COSTWAY EP24717US and why one might be the perfect pick for their kitchen!

Small Apartments or Dorm Residents

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1, with its compact dimensions and slightly lighter weight, is perfect for those living in small apartments or dorms. Its 4 place settings and ability to handle dishes up to 10.5 inches make it ideal for singles or couples. The smart Wi-Fi connectivity is a plus for the tech-savvy who appreciate the convenience of app control.

Eco-Conscious Consumers

The COSTWAY EP24717US, an ECO wash cycle that conserves water and energy, is ideal for environmentally conscious individuals. Despite taking a bit longer, this cycle ensures thorough cleaning while mindful of resource consumption, perfect for those prioritizing sustainability.

Busy Professionals

For busy professionals, the BLITZHOME’s Quick Cycle that cleans in just 29 minutes can be a game-changer, offering more time to focus on work or relaxation. The COSTWAY’s Rapid wash, also at 29 minutes, provides a similar quick fix, ensuring that even the busiest users can quickly get clean dishes without fuss.

Families with Infants

Families with babies would find the high-temperature sanitization feature of the COSTWAY appealing, ensuring a 149°F cleaning and disinfection, which is crucial for sterilizing baby bottles and dishes. While the BLITZHOME also has a hot wind drying mechanism, COSTWAY’s temperature advantage might sway health-conscious parents.

Fruit Enthusiasts

Both the BLITZHOME and the COSTWAY offer a dedicated fruit cycle, but with the COSTWAY accommodating larger plate sizes up to 12 inches in diameter, it’s a suitable choice for those who frequently wash large fruit bowls or have bulk fruit cleaning needs after a harvest or buying in volume.

Home Entertainers

The BLITZHOME’s Strong Cycle is tailor-made for after-party cleanups. It effectively handles heavily soiled dishes with its vigorous wash and hot rinses. Entertainers will appreciate the simplicity and robust cleaning power, ensuring their dishware is spotless for the next gathering.

Tech Enthusiasts

Tech enthusiasts would lean towards the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 due to its Wi-Fi-enabled smart features, allowing app control and integration into a smart home setup. This functionality is trendy and incredibly convenient, aligning well with a high-tech lifestyle.

Final Thoughts on BLITZHOME BH-CDW1  vs COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher

Get excited because finding the perfect dishwasher just got easier! The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 is a game-changer with its smart controls and 5 wash cycles, including a unique fruit wash, making it a stellar choice for modern families. Conversely, the COSTWAY EP24717US doesn’t fall short, offering intense cleaning with a fruit and dry option, perfect for smaller homes or fewer dishes.

Both shine with a 360° cleaning spray and though they are not Energy Star rated, they’re designed to be water-wise. And hey, they both quiet down to a whisper while they work their magic, so your kitchen stays peaceful.

You can’t go wrong if you need the techy touch of the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 or the compact power of the COSTWAY EP24717US. So, why wait? Grab the dishwasher that fits your life, and let the sparkle begin!

Check out our central hub of Countertop Dishwasher Comparisons to explore more model comparisons.

A small photo of BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 dishwasher.


A small photo of COSTWAY EP24717US dishwasher.

COSTWAY EP24717US Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price difference between the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers?

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 is $295.99, and the COSTWAY EP24717US is a bit less at $289.99.

How do the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers differ in size?

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 is 20 inches tall, while the COSTWAY EP24717US is shorter at 18 inches.

Which dishwasher can hold more dishes, the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 or the COSTWAY EP24717US?

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 can hold 4 place settings, but the COSTWAY EP24717US can only fit 2.

How many wash cycles do the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers offer?

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 has 5 wash cycles, and the COSTWAY EP24717US has 4 wash cycles.

Are the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers energy efficient?

Neither the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 nor the COSTWAY EP24717US is Energy Star rated, so they’re similar in energy use.

What is the noise level for the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 and COSTWAY EP24717US dishwashers?

The BLITZHOME BH-CDW1’s noise level isn’t listed but is around 60 dB, and the COSTWAY EP24717US is quieter at 58 dB.

Can I control the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 dishwasher with my smartphone?

Yes, the BLITZHOME BH-CDW1 has Wi-Fi and can be controlled with an app, but the COSTWAY EP24717US doesn’t have this feature.

Preserving the Cleanliness and Performance of Your Dishwasher

Ensuring your dishwasher remains clean and operates efficiently is vital for optimal functionality and prolonging its life. Below are some effective tips from our website to assist you in keeping your dishwasher in excellent working condition:

Delve into a comprehensive journey encompassing everything from the fundamentals of troubleshooting to mastering different dishwasher models and optimizing your loading strategy. Start your journey to become an expert in dishwasher management with us! Dive into our Dishwasher Guides: Your Comprehensive Resource on Dishwasher Use and Maintenance.



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